Friday, 7 August 2015

Clayton Valley, CA

A Card for Me, Oakland
With Peng and Elder Eh, Oakland
Hey everyone! 

Well this has been a very interesting week! This was the last half a week in the Cambodian branch and my first half a week in Clayton Valley third ward! 

On Monday we had a branch Family Home Evening and the Young Women sang a song to me to say bye! It was super nice and I already miss everyone there! It was awesome to see the love and support of the members and they will always be remembered. I have made some good friendships which will continue. Sister Sok took us out for lunch the next day and I am always impressed that members always feed the missionaries - especially when it takes them a whole day to prepare the food! 
With Peng and Elder Eh ,Oakland

Wednesday was the day to switch! At the mission home we met Elder Eh's new companion - He is super tall! hehe. For some reason my bike had been mis-placed and so I am now using a mission bike (a bike the mission owns) and what a blessing! It is super nice and seems fast! But I didn't get on the bike for long. 

On the street in Clayton Valley
Elder Weaver
When I got to my new area we had a few lessons. We taught a couple named David and Sarah - Sarah's parents actually go to the Cambodian branch so that is interesting. Sarah is a member and her husband David is not - he used to be in the military and I think he will be baptized soon. We also went to a member's house and taught them about something - honestly can't remember what - lol jokes - we taught about service! But then a surprise! I was then told that I would be going on exchanges with Elder Marriott to another area. It was great though as they had a car and it was hot that day - lucky! hehe. 

Finally unpacked somewhat a little later and this apartment has a washer and dryer in it! Oh yea! We have also been practicing how to teach the Restoration - which is our first lesson that we teach to people who are interested in learning about the church. If I could advise those going on missions -  I would suggest when you get in the field to practice each day! It is so worth it and your testimony still grows! 

Our Bikes
Well I am having fun here and we are working very hard. We are on bike so I am getting a nice tan. One of the other investigators is called Clare. The missionaries have talked to her a lot and a few weeks ago she invited the elders for dinner and she said that they could come and share a little message after dinner but she would not join the church. But she is now investigating the church and coming to church and she loves it! 

I definitely know that this is His church. I know that more and more people are learning about Jesus Christ and I know that through Him we are more happy for all time! I am so glad to be able to be serving under His direction as I know that I have been called by a Prophet of God and I know he has been called of Him. If we follow the Prophet we won't be tossed by every doctrine out there. God is a God of Order and I know that it is through Jesus Christ that we can be saved and that is the only way. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
Member and Elder Marriott