Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Time Flew By

With the Seirra family at the Oakland temple
Alright! 8 minutes to write this! (yep that is why I haven't replied to many peoples' emails - sorry!) We get to Skype this next week! Should be a lot of fun!

So guess what!? We went up to the temple with the Sierra family, who joined the church not too long ago. We watched a live nativity play and as we were standing there Tracy and Philip saw me (I taught Tracy in my last ward and missed her baptism by a week) So it was super cool to see them! We talked for a little while and it was just so much fun catching up! Then we went to the visitor center on the same ground and heard a guy sing - it was excellent! Took some pictures and then they left... But on our way to meet them in the beginning we ran into some Cambodian members from one of my last wards! They invited us to their party that they were having right there, so that is where we went after the Sierra family left. Guess who I see there? Not only the Cambodian Elders who I have been on exchanges with in the past, but Elder Yu was also there (I was his companion for 6 weeks!) It was so cool to see all these missionaries and so many friends from the branch! Fantastic!

Sorry one minute left. So I love this gospel. It brings so much happiness.  I love you all and wish you all a merry Christmas!

- love Elder D. Kloosterboer

On Exchanges with Elder Oborn
Pigs with Santa Claus hats on -
reminds me of my sister Yasmina

With Elder Gardner at the Oakland
temple and the nativity scene
Caroling with Elder Oborn
Our goal
Our goal hanging from the ceiling
San Fran
San Fran