Thursday, 20 August 2015

New Lights


Hello everyone!
We had a special training which helped teach us about how we can better find new people to teach! It was really cool as we were given a pink paper with a sentence on it which we had to act out -For example mine was having headphones in. With that we all went out and tried to talk to other missionaries who were acting out their assignment. This helped us talk to people in every day situations and also helped us relate the conversation to the gospel. 
Fixing a Tyre
Also went on exchanges this week. Elder Thomas came here with me and Elder Weaver. It was a lot of fun! In the morning elder Marriott's front wheel was flat - which we fixed - and later again went flat as we visited the Peronas! She tried to call her father so she could locate some tools so we could fix the flat tire but there was no answer. She went into the garage and said a prayer which was answered. She came out with a first aid box with all the right tools in it. I don't think she knew that it was exactly what we needed to fix the bike - apart from no glue so we walked home and then got a ride to dinner. 
Elder Marriott with LED Bike Lights
Our Cool Bikes
Clare is doing awesome! She will be baptized this Saturday! She even made some cool invitations!  We also visited Ben and Cas who are investigating the church. We had a good lesson with them about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and then we invited to commit to come to church - to which they said they would. But then on Sunday morning they had to cancel due to family stuff. They have already accepted the invitation to be baptized but there are always challenges that lie in the way. That is how you know this work is true - why else would Satan be attacking the good? 

Helping Someone Move
I know the church has the fullness of the gospel, other churches also have parts of the gospel and when truth is taught we are all enlightened. I know this to be the gospel of Jesus Christ and that through Him we find peace, comfort, joy and eternal happiness. I know that because I know the Book Of Mormon is true - how? I invite you to read the introduction to the Book Of Mormon and to act on its message. It is because of the gospel that I have found hope and similar blessings. You too can receive this for yourself - what is holding you back? 

I say this in Jesus Christ name, amen. 

Love, Elder Kloosterboer