Thursday, 27 August 2015

Clare was Baptised!

Hey everyone, 

Dirt from bike rim
This week was really good! Clare was baptised! It was super good. A lot of people showed up to show her their support! Her family flew in from all over and her cousin baptised her. Our mission president also came! Elder Marriott gave a talk about baptism and elder Weaver talked about the Holy Ghost. When she was baptised she had to do it twice because the wording was not exact the first time. We also showed a little video to which I testified that God loves and and answers our prayers, even if we think God isn't listening, He is. 

Clare's Baptism
We did a lot of service this week. Helped some members trim some bushes and also helped one of our investigators, Melody, move stuff from storage into her house. Also helped another investigator, Meraya, fix her garage door and also put a new tube on her dryer for the flint. 

We have a few investigators still. We just added brother Unutoa as a investigator - his wife is a member but he is not. We had to cut our lesson short with him though because we had another appointment to go to, so we asked if we could come back and teach them the missionary lessons again to which they agreed. We are also teaching Melody who is the mother of one of our members! 

Elder Weaver putting tube on Dryer
Clare's baptism
Getting the concrete out
Elder Marriott goes home this week, it is the first time that I will be killing an elder! (Missionary slang. When a missionary goes home = die. So it just means that we were his last companions before he went home) Elder Weaver and I are both staying here! The cool thing though is that Elder Hibert is our district leader (He is serving in the Cambodian branch) so who knows, I may be over there once this next transfer, but maybe not - who knows! 
Still getting the concrete out

Brother Williams
I know the Church is true. I know because I feel it and know it more than I can feel the keys on the keyboard. I know the Priesthood authority has been restored because I have felt the power, and with that authority we can baptise people in the name of Jesus Christ and do many other things. I know that God loves and and wants the best for us. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 
Love, Elder Kloosterboer!