Thursday, 30 July 2015

A New Experience

On Sunday night we got a phone call from the assistants to the president of the mission. They told us that an elder is arriving in the mission on Wednesday who knows Cambodian!   So then my name was mentioned... 

I will be leaving and going to Clayton Valley 3rd Ward on Wednesday and I will be in a Trio (Meaning two other missionaries) with Elder Weaver and Elder Marriott - who had served in this branch a little while ago. That means that I will miss Lyana's baptisms on August 9th :-(. It also sucks as I will miss a really cool activity that the branch has on August 8th. 
Elder Eh and Service
This last week we also set up some service projects which I will miss too - just sorting food for a food bank. This last week we got a referral from some elders who ran into a lady. Her name is Vanda, and is Cambodian. We were told it was a service project so we picked up our member, Peng, and went over there not really knowing what to expect. She flagged us down when we arrived and then asked us to teach her how to speak and write in English... man... I have no idea! 
So we just talked and then we were kicked out of the library as we were too loud! hehehe. Went to McDonalds where she shared a few more experiences of her life and about her coming to the USA. She is Buddhist but has had a few dreams about Jesus Christ. I will share one of her dreams. 

Me with Lyana
In one of here dreams she saw a sheep with a broken leg, and then the sheep went to Jesus and he looked at it. That was one of her dreams. With what we know from the scriptures we know that we are the sheep and the Jesus Christ is our Shepherd - those that follow Him will hear His voice. 
At the Temple

We know that through Jesus Christ we can be healed from physical and spiritual hurt. To me this dream represents her coming and follow Him. But because it takes us about an hour to pick up a member and drive over there we will let some other mission take over after a few more visits. 
Food at the End
With Sierra
We had a lot of great food as usual here :-) In one of the pictures - which I took at the end - we just put meat or vegetables in this hot soup thing and let it sit there for a few minutes - then you stick the food in some sauce and it tastes amazing! 
With Chantha, Lyana and Sierra

We also had a lot more food on Saturday as we celebrated Pioneer Day! Which is when members of the Church (Mormons) traveled over America to get to to the Rocky Mountains and also some who stayed in California. We ate a ton of food! and had fun getting to know more members. Later we went to a birthday party and ate even more food! It was amazing! 

On Sunday after church we taught Thia - one of our investigators - he is progressing more and I love how he is trying to change his life! We are helping him a lot and he wants to become a member soon! We showed a few Mormon Messages and also a video about someone from Oakland. It shows how we can change no matter what circumstances we have been brought up in. We also taught Pream and his family on Sunday and set up an appointment to watch "Meet the Mormons" next Sunday.

That was a little of our week!  And I would love to close with sharing my testimony with you. Because I know this is the way top eternal happiness and there is none other save it be through Jesus Christ. I know this Church is designed to bring us the most happiness and I know that we can be healed through Jesus Christ. His invitation is simply to follow Him. 


Elder Kloosterboer