Thursday, 27 August 2015

Clare was Baptised!

Hey everyone, 

Dirt from bike rim
This week was really good! Clare was baptised! It was super good. A lot of people showed up to show her their support! Her family flew in from all over and her cousin baptised her. Our mission president also came! Elder Marriott gave a talk about baptism and elder Weaver talked about the Holy Ghost. When she was baptised she had to do it twice because the wording was not exact the first time. We also showed a little video to which I testified that God loves and and answers our prayers, even if we think God isn't listening, He is. 

Clare's Baptism
We did a lot of service this week. Helped some members trim some bushes and also helped one of our investigators, Melody, move stuff from storage into her house. Also helped another investigator, Meraya, fix her garage door and also put a new tube on her dryer for the flint. 

We have a few investigators still. We just added brother Unutoa as a investigator - his wife is a member but he is not. We had to cut our lesson short with him though because we had another appointment to go to, so we asked if we could come back and teach them the missionary lessons again to which they agreed. We are also teaching Melody who is the mother of one of our members! 

Elder Weaver putting tube on Dryer
Clare's baptism
Getting the concrete out
Elder Marriott goes home this week, it is the first time that I will be killing an elder! (Missionary slang. When a missionary goes home = die. So it just means that we were his last companions before he went home) Elder Weaver and I are both staying here! The cool thing though is that Elder Hibert is our district leader (He is serving in the Cambodian branch) so who knows, I may be over there once this next transfer, but maybe not - who knows! 
Still getting the concrete out

Brother Williams
I know the Church is true. I know because I feel it and know it more than I can feel the keys on the keyboard. I know the Priesthood authority has been restored because I have felt the power, and with that authority we can baptise people in the name of Jesus Christ and do many other things. I know that God loves and and wants the best for us. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 
Love, Elder Kloosterboer!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

New Lights


Hello everyone!
We had a special training which helped teach us about how we can better find new people to teach! It was really cool as we were given a pink paper with a sentence on it which we had to act out -For example mine was having headphones in. With that we all went out and tried to talk to other missionaries who were acting out their assignment. This helped us talk to people in every day situations and also helped us relate the conversation to the gospel. 
Fixing a Tyre
Also went on exchanges this week. Elder Thomas came here with me and Elder Weaver. It was a lot of fun! In the morning elder Marriott's front wheel was flat - which we fixed - and later again went flat as we visited the Peronas! She tried to call her father so she could locate some tools so we could fix the flat tire but there was no answer. She went into the garage and said a prayer which was answered. She came out with a first aid box with all the right tools in it. I don't think she knew that it was exactly what we needed to fix the bike - apart from no glue so we walked home and then got a ride to dinner. 
Elder Marriott with LED Bike Lights
Our Cool Bikes
Clare is doing awesome! She will be baptized this Saturday! She even made some cool invitations!  We also visited Ben and Cas who are investigating the church. We had a good lesson with them about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and then we invited to commit to come to church - to which they said they would. But then on Sunday morning they had to cancel due to family stuff. They have already accepted the invitation to be baptized but there are always challenges that lie in the way. That is how you know this work is true - why else would Satan be attacking the good? 

Helping Someone Move
I know the church has the fullness of the gospel, other churches also have parts of the gospel and when truth is taught we are all enlightened. I know this to be the gospel of Jesus Christ and that through Him we find peace, comfort, joy and eternal happiness. I know that because I know the Book Of Mormon is true - how? I invite you to read the introduction to the Book Of Mormon and to act on its message. It is because of the gospel that I have found hope and similar blessings. You too can receive this for yourself - what is holding you back? 

I say this in Jesus Christ name, amen. 

Love, Elder Kloosterboer 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Small World - yet again!

With Clare
View over San Francisco
Did a lot of fun things this week. We got a phone call asking if we could give a priesthood blessing to a women who was in the intensive care. But in order to do so we needed another male to come with us as that is a rule (we need a member of the same sex with us when we go to visit other members of the opposite sex). We got a few phone numbers from the missionaries who serve in that area (as it isn't in our area) Brother Langford picked us up - when we got in the car he asked us what our names were and he said he knew my name from somewhere. So I told him where I had lived and he said yes, "Broomfield!" He has served a mission there with his wife about a year ago. They gave a talk when I gave my farewell talk in my home ward! What a small world! hehe. 

We did a lot of service this week. We helped a women clean her back garden, I was blowing all the leaves away while my companions fixed one of the lights - they put a new chain on it. We also helped one of our members take this huge piece of tree to the junk! It weighed a ton! But somehow we were able to do it! 

On Sunday a couple of our investigators came to church. Clare and Joan both enjoyed it a lot! In the meeting it was funny because out of the blue they said over the pulpit that we had a new elder and asked if I could come up and introduce myself. Even though I have done that a few times before I still got nervous but once up there I made sure I applied a few tricks that I had learned from my sales classes at LDS Business College which helped a lot. We also went to a fireside, Why I Believe. It was good but we couldn't hear half of it as the sound wasn't working in the back. But I did see Lyana, whose baptism had just happened a few hours before! It is the best to bring other to the waters of baptism and next week she will receive the Holy Spirit. 
We have a new rule in this mission - we can only listen to Hymn arrangements and Mormon Tabernacle Choir music. This will help us be more spiritually in tune to what the Spirit tells us what to do.  

Things are going well here. Hope you are all doing swell! 

I know that this church is true and it has brought me so much happiness! I love the gospel and wish I could share it with everybody! 
Love you all!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Clayton Valley, CA

A Card for Me, Oakland
With Peng and Elder Eh, Oakland
Hey everyone! 

Well this has been a very interesting week! This was the last half a week in the Cambodian branch and my first half a week in Clayton Valley third ward! 

On Monday we had a branch Family Home Evening and the Young Women sang a song to me to say bye! It was super nice and I already miss everyone there! It was awesome to see the love and support of the members and they will always be remembered. I have made some good friendships which will continue. Sister Sok took us out for lunch the next day and I am always impressed that members always feed the missionaries - especially when it takes them a whole day to prepare the food! 
With Peng and Elder Eh ,Oakland

Wednesday was the day to switch! At the mission home we met Elder Eh's new companion - He is super tall! hehe. For some reason my bike had been mis-placed and so I am now using a mission bike (a bike the mission owns) and what a blessing! It is super nice and seems fast! But I didn't get on the bike for long. 

On the street in Clayton Valley
Elder Weaver
When I got to my new area we had a few lessons. We taught a couple named David and Sarah - Sarah's parents actually go to the Cambodian branch so that is interesting. Sarah is a member and her husband David is not - he used to be in the military and I think he will be baptized soon. We also went to a member's house and taught them about something - honestly can't remember what - lol jokes - we taught about service! But then a surprise! I was then told that I would be going on exchanges with Elder Marriott to another area. It was great though as they had a car and it was hot that day - lucky! hehe. 

Finally unpacked somewhat a little later and this apartment has a washer and dryer in it! Oh yea! We have also been practicing how to teach the Restoration - which is our first lesson that we teach to people who are interested in learning about the church. If I could advise those going on missions -  I would suggest when you get in the field to practice each day! It is so worth it and your testimony still grows! 

Our Bikes
Well I am having fun here and we are working very hard. We are on bike so I am getting a nice tan. One of the other investigators is called Clare. The missionaries have talked to her a lot and a few weeks ago she invited the elders for dinner and she said that they could come and share a little message after dinner but she would not join the church. But she is now investigating the church and coming to church and she loves it! 

I definitely know that this is His church. I know that more and more people are learning about Jesus Christ and I know that through Him we are more happy for all time! I am so glad to be able to be serving under His direction as I know that I have been called by a Prophet of God and I know he has been called of Him. If we follow the Prophet we won't be tossed by every doctrine out there. God is a God of Order and I know that it is through Jesus Christ that we can be saved and that is the only way. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
Member and Elder Marriott