Thursday, 31 July 2014

YOSO (You Only Serve Once)


Good things have happened this week. We were able to do 10 hours of service this week so I am getting more tan! Here are some things that have happened this week.
Blood Drive

I love service and it makes me so happy! On Monday we helped members patch up paint in a house, it only took a few hours and looked way better. We went to Brother Banks' home to put his washer and dryer back since it was pulled out because of gas issues. We added a gas pipe and then put the washer and dryer back. I also like service because it gives us experience. We went to a blood drive on Friday morning so we helped with registration and making sure people didn't fall over.  I would never have done this in my personal life, so it is just another benefit of serving a full time mission. 

Service with Cutting Bushes
We helped the Higbee family cut their bushes, in 98 Degrees F.. Some members tore down their bathroom so we helped them move the rubble into a car. After that service we went to eat lunch at the Remington's to teach them a lesson.

On Wednesday we taught Tina and the lesson went well. We invited her to be baptized on the 16th of August! And she accepted! It amazes me how much she has changed in the last couple of weeks! We taught the Remingtons lesson 3 which is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

It is funny the things you practice because sometimes the exact practice that you did happens for real! On Sunday we taught a lesson in the choir seats for the first time. We taught the lesson we had prepared, but it only lasted for 20 minutes when we had a 50 minute block. Luckily we were able to keep the lesson going and we talked about tithing and fasting. The class went very well and there were 3 members there who contributed.
Emailing in the Church

We went to eat dinner at the Despain family on Sunday, we have stopped just sharing a scripture with members at the end of dinners and have been trying to help members feel more comfortable sharing the gospel. We decided to do a role play and my companion decided to  role play how we do a companionship inventory each week. It was pretty difficult because it was pretty funny, though we got through it. Dean Despain, is going on his mission in two weeks and he said he is terrified of weekly planning now! Those were a few highlights of my week in the mission.

The mission has been the best thing in my life and I have never worked so much in my life before and it is because I love the Lord. I am amazed at how much love I feel towards the people of California in such a small amount of time. I know that God loves each of us because we are His children.

Elder Kloosterboer