Friday, 8 August 2014

Where Did The Week Go???

Where We Normally Talk With People
Notice about emails:  Thank you all for sending me emails I love getting them and seeing what everyone is up to! 

Who can email me?  Anyone is allowed to send me an email unless you are a female who lives within or near these mission boundaries. 

Can you email back and forth real time?  Yes. But has been having trouble keeping up with all the emails being sent, so sometimes I won't get an email until  hours after it is sent. So I am not ignoring you if we were emailing live. 

Sky at the Hanna's
This week has gone by super fast! We did a lot this week!

We visited brother Manly this week on a late evening. As we were pulling in he pulled in right next to us! haha great timing! I learned so much from him! We talked about his mission and also about how the priesthood works and other things.

On Monday evenings most members hold a Family Home Evening, where time is set apart for the family to build unity and to teach gospel principles. So normally we don't often visit members.  However we somehow had planned to visit the Hannas who are members. 
As we pulled over we saw a man who was in pain. We also saw a 4 wheeler so I thought it had run him over! But his leg bone had come out of his hip socket so he couldn't walk so the Hannas got their 4-wheeler to help him. This man who was in pain is renting one of the rooms at the Hanna's. We were asked to give him a blessing and it was perfect timing that we just showed up on time. The sky looked nice so I took a picture. 

We did more service! On Thursday we helped some members move all their storage into a truck! So many other members showed up to help that we were taking turns to help.  We saw some other people unloading a lot of boxes from a truck and so we walked over and asked if we could help! I was surprised when they accepted and that truck was empty super fast with the extra hands to help. We then helped them again 2 days later! I love helping people! We also went to the Despain's on Saturday to help with an Eagle Project painting tables! That was fun, until I got some paint on my pants! I think it went out when I washed them this morning. :-)
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Others also served us this week! The Drapers went to Utah for a few weeks and they offered to take our packages to our homes! While we were at a Primary talent show (youth under the age of 12) we got texts that our packages had been delivered! That is so kind! This is part of the gospel to serve others. It makes us feel so happy! I know that Jesus served others for a reason, to show us a perfect example. 

Weekly Planning According to Elder Flinders
We taught Tina again this week  and she has been teaching her friend about the gospel! I am so excited to see her grow in the Gospel. The gospel does amazing things to people. I know Tina is changing because many people can see it even by looking at her. When we try to live the Gospel God really blesses us. A women who is investigating the church has also been able to feel the influence of the Gospel in her life as she has read the scriptures. She was struggling with harmful substances, but she said that when she went to church and started to read the Book of Mormon that she had no desire to take these drugs anymore. I know there is real power when we read the scriptures and pray and come to church. 

Eagle Project  This is a video about how God loves us and he knows us and about faith. 
Just thought this was a really nice video and that it relates to this blog a lot.  

I know this Gospel is true, I wouldn't be able to serve my mission if it wasn't.
I love hearing from you all!

Love, Elder Kloosterboer