Thursday, 24 July 2014

Moving Forward

Laundry Room at our Apartment Complex
Hello everyone! 

As missionaries we don't have any quotas at all. But we have been given a promise, this promise is if we each talk to 10 people a day then our baptisms that we would normally have on our mission will double! Last week we only talked to 8 people :-( But this week we decided to walk to Safeway before lunch and that we need to talk to ten people before we are allowed to eat. When we talk to 10 people as a companionship before lunch it feels great and gives us a lot of motivation to talk to another 10 people throughout the day. This week we talked to the most people I have ever talked to in a week. One day we were able to talk to 39 people!

Chalk on the Pavement - the Plan of Salvation

I recently changed my view on talking to people. I got caught up in setting expectations for OYM's  (Opening your mouth, or talking to people) by thinking they would just say they were good and in no need for our important message. But in meetings recently I was reminded that we need to have a vision and faith when we talk to people. So I started to have an image that every person we talk to was going to be a new investigator. If you set low expectations it will lower your effectiveness. So it is important to do your best.

On Tuesday we were invited to a Relief Society activity (The largest women's organization in the world, to strengthen families and homes). It was a cultural activity so loads of women made a lot of different food. I was so full!
Exchanges with Elder Bybee

We started exchanges on Tuesday evening so Elder Bybee came to my area. We had a fun day! We taught a lesson to Tina! She is so ready! We taught her the first lesson and brother Stoddard was there too! It was a great lesson and she already recognizes the spirit and knows the Book of Mormon is true! I love teaching lessons and I know that the spirit is so essential in teaching others what they need to know. I love what True to the Faith (A study aid in the gospel) states about the Spirit communicating with us,  "His communication to your spirit carries far more certainty than any communication you can receive through  your natural senses."

The Night Sky

We also went to talk to Betty. She has dementia but she is funny! I asked her if she served in Young Women's (A program for young women) and she thought I asked her if she was a women! Her roommate said, "What a stupid question." haha I am glad that Elder Bybee knew what I asked! Then later I brought up something else and she asked back, "It is good to smoke? Smoke what?"  haha. Later that day we worked with bother Calloway to invite people to come to church who had moved into the ward but never showed up yet.

We had interviews with our mission president on Thursday. They went well and at the end I asked him if we were getting Ipads, he said that he doesn't know, but said that we are going to be trained in September or October from people from Salt Lake and it will probably be about that. :-) This was also my companions year mark so we celebrated by going to Cold Stone (an ice cream parlour)!
Linger Longer after Church

On Sunday we had a linger longer. This is similar to a pot luck and allows people to get to know each other better. On Sunday we also visited the Scott family. It was perfect timing as one of their granddaughters had a fever. We were able to give her a blessing for the sick and I think she will feel better soon.

This week was good, I love getting updates from you all. I would love to answer any questions that you may have! I know this Gospel is true. I love you all!