Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another Week in the Mission

This week has been a good week! We are working hard which is the best thing to do as it also prepares you for life. I am learning so much! We went on a Hike for a zone activity this week. We started off good as we started to hike up Mount Diablo. Though people soon started to get tired. Luckily we live on a hill which we run up 3 times a week which has helped us keep fit. We turned around at some point and a few missionaries and I decided to run down. It was so much fun! I decided that I like hiking.

Even though I am on a mission, it doesn't mean I am invulnerable. We went to the Draper Family Dentistry and I am glad that we went there. It is a bit like our spiritual health. If we read our scriptures, go to church, then we will be spiritually healthy-  and that is like brushing and flossing our teeth. But if we don't do those things then we are letting plaque build up which is like Satan attacking us little by little until we need to get fillings! Luckily Heavenly Father knew that we we would make mistakes, which brings us feelings of quilt and shame. I know Heavenly Father has provided help that we need to be able to get rid of a painful tooth ache (Feelings of shame and guilt). This is why He sent Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. (To atone is to suffer the penalty for an act of sin. He suffered for our sins and he took upon himself all the pains, sicknesses, temptations, afflictions and infirmities so that we can return to Live with God again.) I know that God loves us because He did send His son to atone for all our sins. I know this by the power of the Holy Ghost. 
Driving to Dinner

Who are we teaching? This week we taught Nick, though we thought we weren't allowed to teach him because we thought that we needed a male over 18 there as he is in High School. So we decided to answer some questions that Nick had. It was good and he had really good questions. My companion and I work well together in unity. Later we found that we don't need a male over 18 in order to teach male teenagers. We plan on teaching Nick's family in a few months. Edward was busy this past week so we look forward to meeting with him soon. Holland is still trying to start reading the Book of Mormon to help continue investigating the church. We got a text this past week from the church letting us know that a women asked for a Book of Mormon from We went over there within a few days. I noticed that I knew Tina! I had met her a few weeks ago in church with her mum who is a member!I felt so happy that she is already reading the Book of Mormon and that she is enjoying it! She gave us a phone call on Sunday and asked us if we could teach her the missionary lessons! I am so excited! 

We are working with the ward and leaders to find more service and the ward is helping us more and more. We helped the Bairds for the last time as they moved to Colorado! We also helped a member copy hard copy pictures to a flash drive and then showed him how he could copy those pictures unto a DVD. He was super happy! Service is the best way to feel good about yourself!  

We had a zone training, about finding. I really liked it and was able to learn a lot. We are really trying to build relationships with our members and so we visited a lot of members this week. The Drapers gave us a referral after eating a lot of dinner with them. (Man, I am getting fat! I don't know how much weight I have gained though as we don't have a weighing scale in our apartment) Anyway, we went to visit the referral and we knocked on the door. Then we  heard someone inside but they wouldn't open the door! So we knocked a few more times, haha. Then we went to the car to look at our next plans. As we sat in the car we saw a group of girls come around the corner from the house we just knocked on! One of them whispered, "Where did they go?" And then one squealed , "THEY ARE IN THE CAR!" LOL! haha, my companion was driving and decided to pull up to the house for a few seconds.

Have a great week! - Love Elder Kloosterboer