Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Transfer Day at the Mission Home
New Apartment and Companion
This week we moved into a new apartment and we were given a car! On Tuesday May 20th Elder Ah Mu and I drove to the mission home in Oakland for transfer day. There I met my new companion, Elder Rowley! He is from Virgina and he has been serving for 7 months now. 

We are supposed to be a bike/car area but we don't have a bike rack yet and so we have been driving a lot. Driving is fun and also faster than bike. Because of that we have had the opportunity to visit a lot of potential investigators and former investigators who once investigated the church. It is fun, and I hope that we can get back on bike soon! Our new apartment is at the top of a hill and so it is super nice to see all the scenery around! This transfer we are going to get a lot of work done!

I woke up, the latest time on my mission so far, this week at about 8:00AM one morning. I was feeling sick :-(  I had a cold or something that I am nearly over with so I am happy about that. Even though I was feeling sick we still went out there because we could :-) 

After Killing a Kitchen
We shared a video about the Plan of Salvation with the Higbees on their smart TV this past week. I love being able to use videos on the mission, it helps a lot and brings peace. It is also nice to teach members as they always teach you something that will help us be more powerful teachers of the restored gospel.

We are starting to do more service so this week we had fun tearing down a kitchen at the Fossins home :-) Man! it was a lot of fun! We took everything out of the kitchen since they are remodeling it. We have a few planned service projects set up where we can give service each week. We plan on helping the Library by walking around as security and we also will be helping out at a senior health care home each week. I think that will be great! 

We went to visit a Less Active on Sunday and I took a picture of this car number plate, and then we found out that it was his lol!

That is it for this week! I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me while being out here. Do what is right!
I love being a missionary, I feel an excitement as a missionary and I love sharing the restored gospel with all who will hear! 

Love, Elder Kloosterboer