Friday, 6 June 2014

Cleaned the Church! and Opposition

View From Our Apartment
This week we have been busy. We added an investigator! We found a lot of old Progress Records. On the progress records we keep track of important information and principles that we teach them. We keep an area book where all the records are kept and are only moved if the person has moved, has passed away or has been baptized. The records that we found were not in the area book, so we have suspicions that all those people are not here anymore. We did find one person from those records who we met and then even taught him on Thursday! His name is James. We had a member with us, Brother Draper, who was able to say some really good things. James has been taught many times by many missionaries so hopefully we will be able to help him find what he needs.  
Ed Hall With an Old Camera

This past week we met with brother Fosson and brother Prieser who gave us  information about less active members who we can visit. I like being able to work with leaders as they have so much important information that does help so much! I look forward to talking with all the people. We also set up a Facebook page for the ward where we share spiritual thoughts and such. We started our online dinner calender too which is going to be accessible to the public soon. We are also trying to be exactly obedient, so instead of eating dinner after 6 with members on Mondays and teaching a Family Home Evening lesson we decided to add some requirement. The requirement is simple. They need to have either a non-member present or a less active member or an investigator present, this way we are able to be exactly obedient and also help the members do missionary work. The rest of the days we eat at 5 and finish by 6 with no requirements. (Family Home evening is usually on a Monday evening where the whole family gets together to learn more about the gospel, and to build family relationships)  
After Cleaning the Church

We also cleaned up the church for 3 hours. It was our ward and we cleaned a lot of chairs and also mopped the Gym. Man! I should just do that for my workout! Afterwards we took a picture outside. 

This week we also had a funny experience. We were walking on Iron Horse Trail where we talk with people. We asked one man if we could walk with him. He said no, and then turned around and said, "You're Mormons right!?" We said yes! haha he then said something along these lines, "Who do you think you are! Talking to people about God and people's personal beliefs! You're brain washed baboons!" haha. He then complained that I had a grin on my face! How funny can people get? It puts a smile on my face because I know there is opposition in all things. "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things" (2nd Nephi 2:11, Book of Mormon)
I know there is an opposition in all things. This Gospel is simple, and it will bless your life. I love learning about this Gospel. Each day I study for over 2 hours to learn more and I always learn more and more. We all search for happiness in life and that is why I love teaching people about the gospel because it is the plan of happiness for us all.
Have a good day! 
See you all next week! 
Thank you all for your emails!

Love Elder Kloosterboer