Tuesday, 6 May 2014

No Tracting in this Stake!

The Oakland Temple
This week has been good. We had stake conference this week, which I will talk about in just a minute. (Depending on how fast you read haha.) 

We talked to over 98 people this week which has been our highest this transfer. (Transfer is a time of 6 weeks.) 

A Nice Shady Place

We love doing service! We helped a woman move from one apartment to her new apartment, which was like 2 streets away! It was a lot of fun especially as some other elders also helped and a recent convert came along too!  We also helped a member build a playground! It has so many pieces that we need to put together that this will take a lot of hours to put together. I loved it though because I like building and creating things. It was a warm morning and so we found some shade - as shown in the picture! 

That morning we also showed up to a BBQ that the Hinganos put together for a fund raiser for a rugby tournament. When we showed up the Relief Society president was there and she brought us all lunch! She also sent out an email to the ward to let them know we didn't have many people signed up on our dinner calendar. After that email was sent out our calendar is looking good! 

My Broken Chair 
We had exchanges this week. Our district leader, Elder Fonua, came to this area. We talked to a lot of people that day and we both had fun! We will be going on another one this coming week. 

We had stake conference on Saturday evening in the building next to the temple which is also right by the mission home. 

Stake Conference
In this conference it was announced that the missionaries in the stake will no longer be tracting! (Tracting is going door to door finding those who are ready to learn about God's plan for us and who desire help.) We have averaged about 5-20 minutes of tracting a week since I have been on my mission. The members are now, like always, responsible for filling our schedules. Members can do this by using social media! Our ward mission leader has asked us to go to members and show them how to do this. I think I will like this :-) 

Stake Conference next to the Oakland Temple.
We are continuing to build strong relationships with the members by sharing scriptures, getting to know them, by doing service, by teaching them lessons and so forth. These activities help us and I love it when we are able to teach members the lessons as it is so simple. All of what we teach should be simple, because the gospel is simple. 

I know this gospel is true. I love it! That is why I am here, to be able to share the Gospel which brings so much joy and happiness and peace in this world. 

Love, Elder Kloosterboer.