Monday, 19 May 2014

A Trip to the Temple

These two pics are from service a little while ago.

Temple Trip

This has been a great one and a half weeks! Our P-day was moved to today (Wednesday) because we had the chance to go to the temple. So much has happened and I have so little time to write about it.

Last week on Monday we had a district activity, so we went bowling. It was a lot of fun but I am pretty sure that the ball I was using was working against me :-) 

My companion also decided that he wanted to have a mirror at his desk so we found one; unfortunately we had to move the mini white board which you can see at the back of the room hanging up haha.

We are getting fed super well, this picture was our dessert after a huge dinner. It is a rice crispy treat with a bunch of chocolate in the middle! I ate 90% of it, no wonder I feel fat! I am pretty sure I will lose it again with all this heat! It has been so hot that my hands, which are in the sun a lot, were sun burnt this past week!

On Saturday we had a zone training about obedience. I liked it because it gave me more determination to be exactly obedient. I also learned a few new things which I didn't know before.

MOTHERS DAY! We went to the Krugers home so I could Skype my family who just went to The Netherlands for a holiday! It was fun because I was able to see my Opa en Oma (My grandparents) and I was also able to see my Aunty. It was a lot of fun and I am so jealous of all the Dutch food I was missing out on! We later went to the Wolf family where my companion got to Skype home.

Sunday night we started an exchange. It was a good exchange and when we got back to meet our companions they were both full. A lot of my candy was gone and the apartment was a mess! Lol, Elder Fonua threw up at our investigators home where they ate dinner that night! It was nice to clean up the apartment because it feels like you have accomplished something and it is also more inviting.

On Tuesday we had a big district meeting with all the missionaries in the stake. We talked about no tracting and what we are going to do instead. We are going to do a program called JustServe. This is a program for us to find planned service opportunities throughout each week! I am pretty excited, but this is the only stake in this mission for right now that is going to do it.

We got our bikes fixed last night also at the Sheffields! Two of his sons came to help out!
Today, we went to the temple!It was super good! But it leaves only a few hours of P-day left... luckily I did my laundry yesterday (Mostly because I would have ran out of clothes hehe)

Also a side note. If I haven't replied to your email or letter let me know.
I know the temple is a great place, and I feel the spirit there. That is what makes it so great, is being able to feel that peace.
Hope you all will have a great week!

Love, Elder Kloosterboer