Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Lot of Music For a Missionary

Zone Activity
This week has been good. I have been on a hunt for music that a missionary can listen to. I have been succesful in this hunt for music and I now have over 35 CDs' of music that I am allowed to listen to. (As a missionary we only listen to music that is in harmony with out calling.) We did some other fun things during this week too.
On Monday we had a zone activity! There was volleyball, basketball, and boardgames set up. It was fun and one of the elders got s ball stuck on some lights. We finally got it down at the end. hehe.
 We went to the Teerlinks this week and had an object lesson with them. We had Easter eggs with different objects inside each one to represent something about the atonement. It was a lot of fun! It is fun to teach members because then you get to learn a lot and improve your teaching at the same time as the member learning something.
Snake on Derby Hill
Brother Teerlink showed us a hill on the map called, Derby. He suggested to us that we should go up it as it is the steepest hill in San Ramon! So we headed out and decided to talk to every person that we saw. We had to walk a lot up the hill and finally got the the top. I looked down the road and thought I was going to die! So we went down! 
On the way down I had to keep putting the brakes on every few seconds. Even though I has holding my brakes down almost all the way down, when I let go for a few seconds the bike would quickly pick up speed again! In less than about 10 seconds we were going over 20 miles an hour! Becuase of how steep the hill was, it was a short ride down. At the bottom of the hill we were able to stop and I felt the back brake and the metal rim, they were pretty hot! After that we went to visit the Hingano's where we had a good spiritual thought.
We made our own pizzas this week with the Remingtons. We had a missionary discussion with them and thankfully we have a general lesson plan. (A general lesson plan had questions, sciptures, doctrine on it and so on, so one can easily pick what is best for the investigators. Though we normally pick things from the general lesson plan in the morning - but we did not do that in the morning) I enjoyed it and still learned a lot.  
Service with the members
We also did some service this week. The Danville elders were with us for each service project that we helped with this weekend. On Friday we helped someone move out of their house. It was fun and I was happy when we got there because they had packed a lot of things in boxes already which made it a lot easier to help. Afterwards they gave us two trash bags full of food! (People must think we are too skinny!) Then on Saturday was Mormon Helping Hands day here and we joined together with another church to do some service for the seniors in the community here. We went to the Jones and we dug and axed out a few bushes. After the bushes were out we planted some flowers for her. It was fun and then we went over to help the other elders with thier project. We pulled out a lot of weeds! I love service so I had fun, because service is fun and it makes you feel way good.
I am enjoying being a missionary and I am learning a lot. My companion is super funny and that makes a huge difference haha. I know this church is true and I know that Heavenly Father knows us all, because we are his children.
I hope that everyone will have a great week!
Love, Elder kloosterboer