Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Week Full of Service!

Having just planted a tree.
This week has been good. We have done a lot of service this week! On Tuesday we helped our ward mission leader move some furniture in his room so that they could paint the walls! That was fun since it was fast and easy... and it took us longer to cycle there than to do the service. After that we headed over to a non-member's home where we continued to pull weeds and do other yard work for them. After a few hours we left because we had a dinner appointment. (Our ward is super good at feeding us super well!) We arrived at the McCrew's house a hour early before dinner because we helped them plant a new tree! It was a lot of fun digging the hole and then getting everything right. That was fun! 
My new shirt.
Later in the week we helped the Bairds do some weeding in their back garden and that was pretty good too. They gave us a massive dinner two times in a row and we were also able to teach them a missionary discussion. It is great to be able to teach members the missionary discussions as we do get a good relationship with the members! The Bairds also gave us some shirts and I had asked them to sign the one they gave to me. (I don't think you can see it on the picture.)
After the interview with the Mission President.
This week we also had exchanges! I went to Danville with Elder Clarin. We both found it fun even though we were both hit with some thing. Not sure what, but I started sneezing like never before! And Elder Clarin had a headache and started to be weakened. Not sure if we needed to learn something or stay away from something, but it was a great exchange! We also visited some less active members and met some members who gave us dinner. Elder Ah Mu, by the way, has Samoan in him. He was called on an English speaking mission but when he got here they wanted him to do Tongan so he still has to do language training every day. I've tried but can't speak that - he said I said a swear word, lol.
We had interviews on Thursday with our Mission President, President Meredith. he gave us a little training and we talked a little. It was a good interview because it only lasted a few minutes. We took a picture after the interviews. I am pretty happy because these last weeks I have been able to get a lot of music that I am allowed to listen to! I have a few hundred songs now and my collection is still growing :-D In a minute we will drive to a members home to pick up a few more cds!
Waiting for Zone Training.
On Saturday we had a zone training. We learned how to make general lesson plans (basically the lesson plans at the end of each lesson in Preach my Gospel. There are 5 lessons in PMG.). The Danville elders are now on bikes also. This means that we share a car now! We have had the car since Saturday and will keep it until Tuesday. So far we haven't used many of the miles. It feels a bit weird to have a car. (Especially since it was made in 2014) it is really nice though because we can visit people faster. Being in a car makes it more difficult to sleep though! - as not as much exercise.

Well that is it for this week. I also noticed that I have been on my mission for over 100 days now a few weeks ago! How cool is that! Time is slow, time is fast. Time is weird. I hope you all had a good Easter... I know my teeth didn't!
I love being able to share my testimony with others and being able to feel the spirit all the time.
I love you all,
- Elder Kloosterboer!