Saturday, 12 April 2014



I have now been on my mission for 3 months! I will tell you what is happening for transfers later on in the blog.
This week we have been busy trying to hang up a ton of door hangers that our ward mission leader ordered for a concert activity. We planned to hang them all out this week but we were too busy! While we were hanging up the door hangers it started to rain and also hail! Luckily we had umbrellas that kept us mostly dry. I did find it a lot of fun walking door to door hanging these flyers up while it rained. 
Last week we were talking to people and on our way back to the apartment we saw a women checking her mail. We started talking to her and then she had said that she had been thinking about what she wanted to say at her dad's funeral, as it was being held at an LDS chapel. After talking more to her we had to leave and as we were leaving she said that we had made her day! That is the best! We also saw her the next day and had a good conversation. Her dad was LDS, but she is not. It is good to be able to put a smile on someone's face!
We are now teaching more members so that we can improve our teaching and also help them gain a stronger testimony. I have really enjoyed teaching memebers and it helps out a lot. We were able to teach Drew again for the second time this week and we had a really good questions and answer session.
This weekend we were able to watch conference on TV. Becuase the stake center was not showing the sessions we were able to find a few members who let us watch it with them. On Saturday we went to the Remington's home, where we stayed all day until the end. Those sessions were super good! I really enjoyed all of them! On Sunday we went to the Kruger's home. They even gave us breakfast! We ate this apple thing from Denmark, where you are supposed to put waffle mix around an apple. We did not have any apples to put in them so we just ate it plain, they were super good! I am really looking forward to reading all the talks! I love hearing the words of all the speakers and especially the Prophet!
We took a picture of our district before transfers happened. I am staying in San Ramon, and my new companion is Elder Ha Mu. I am not sure where he is from, but I will find out tomorrow :-)  Elder Fonua, whom I was on a split with a few weeks ago, is in the picture by himself and is our new district leader.

We have a special ringtone for the mission president so we will know when it is him calling. On April 1st, 2014, April fool's day, my companion, Elder Brown decided to play a prank! Because of transfers president calls certain people to leadership positions and so it was perfect timing for him to call. Elder Brown decided to set an alarm with the same ringtone on April 1st. When it sounded I got a mini heart attack only to see it was a stupid alarm! haha, later that day I decided to play the same prank! haha It worked well!
Thank you for all your emails and letters!
I know that we have a living prophet of God on earth today.
I love you all!
- Elder Kloosterboer