Saturday, 19 April 2014

New Companion!

Transfers happened this week. I got a new companion and his name is Elder Ah Mu! He is from Orem, Utah and is pretty funny! He has been out about 14 months now and is pretty relaxed. 

This picture was taken when we drove down on the highway to the mission home in Oakland to pick up my new companion. It was really nice that day. I love being able to drive the mission cars! They are kept up really well, but I am a lot happier with my bike as it has many more benefits. On Tuesday, when we I met my new companion we went to a bike store. We walked in and within 5 minutes Elder Ah Mu had bought a bike! We also had a district meeting right after and made is just in time!
We had an event this week where two professional opera singers came and sung a few songs about Jesus Christ. We hung up about 3000 door hangers and the event was great! We had bought too many cookies though and that is what I am eating in this picture (Left over cookies!) We gave a box to the sisisters. We plan on freezing a few for later... We might also go to less actives and offer them some cookies to show them that we are normal....
We taught a few investigators this week. The first investigator we taught was Holland. He brought a friend over which was super cool because he asked us good questions! It was a good lesson because brother Cox was able to come and offer his knowledge. We taught the Cox family lesson number 3 on Monday and so it was great preparation as we taught Holland the same lesson. We also had dinner at the Little's this week. Brother Little sent us a text a few hours before the dinner and asked us to do an object lesson! 
We couldn't think of one and then we came up with an idea to draw a picture (my companion drew it) and then get the children to put all the pieces together with only being able to see the back of the paper (it being blank). We then told them that they needed some instructions from the prophet (well that is what we wanted to do - we think the parents got the message) so we gave them instructions about where to place each piece and then they were able to see the picture after they turned them over. It was pretty fun.
We also had the opportunity to do some service on Saturday! We started the day by giving water to people on the Iron Horse Trail. We had a few good conversations with people. Then we did some other service.  The Danville elders picked us up, Elder Fonua and Elder Clarin. Danville is the next town north of us.  We helped some people who are not members do some yard work. Elder Ah Mu and I decided to cut the grass at the front and then Elder Fonua and Elder Clarin pulled some weeds in the back. We spent a lot of hours there and it was a lot of fun because we only wore our shirts and ties for about 2 hours that day. Though because we were in the sun the whole day I am now sunburnt :-)... the second time this week. Man, it is nice though because it turns brown in a few days! I love service! It's the best! I love being a missionary and having this great opportunity to help people all the time!
I was also given two hair clippers today :-) - the sisters found them in their apartment so now we have them.  Yay, now I can cut my own hair whenever I need to!
I know this church is true! I love feeling the spirit when we teach a lesson and I know the things we are teaching are true. 
I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Kloosterboer