Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Being A Missionary

Good morning,
Waiting For The Car

I love writing these blogs! I love sharing my experiences with you all. Thank you for reading these blogs as it does take effort to write them. :-) This has been a great week and my testimony has been built even more as I have been able to serve as a full time missionary.

We were able go home teaching (responsibility of some members to watch over other members) to women this week. I thought that I would like to share a few things that we shared in that lesson. We simply talked about family history. My companion Elder Nelson had a chart and so we used that. It was amazing to feel an excitement in the room for family history! I shared a story, in this story a woman was doing her family history, but she kept on hitting dead ends and got stuck. One of her friends asked her if she had taken the names she had found to the temple, she said that she wanted to wait until she finished finding everyone first before that. Her friend suggested that she should take the names to the temple and so she did. When she finished she tried to continue trying to work on those names where she had gotten stuck before, but this time all the road blocks were gone. It shows us the importance of taking our ancestors to the temple so that they can accept the Gospel too. Our family members are so important and they protect us, and will help us especially as we try to search for those people in our family history.

Planning On His Own
We met with the Bishop on Tuesday. He shared with us an activity that we helped with on Sunday. It is called sensing the Savior. We were blind folded as we listened to music about Jesus and then for some of the songs an object was placed in our hands. It was amazing that we were able to see better without seeing.

We also met with a member (whose daughter saw that vision from last week). He asked us to meet with him and then he told us that he wants to come back into the church with full force. I feel that it is amazing that people do change and that even though we all face trials and difficulties, that Christ will always help us, as he knows exactly what we are going through because he has been there before.

Sky At Night
I love teaching lessons as a missionary because I love feeling dependent on the spirit to tell us what to say. It is the best feeling ever! We taught a lesson to Larry yesterday and we are meeting with him three times a week. He has a baptismal date for September 20th!

Not all this week was fantastic, but it was great! On Friday we went to the BART station (Public Transportation). We wanted to use the Book of Mormon more when we talk to people, so we did. We were able to talk to a lot of people and we also taught 2 lessons on the street! We then drove home (Since we are sharing a car) and I started to get sick. My companion had to do some planning on his own as I tried to make myself something to help me. I had a fever on Saturday and we stayed in all day. Even though we stayed in all day I felt that it has been a good day :-) There has to be opposition in all things and so it has helped me be more happy that I have good heath. I know there has to be opposition because without it we wouldn't know happiness.

Playing Monopoly When I Was Sick
I would also like share an experience my companion and I had last night (Sunday.) Things were unusual when we got home and we felt that Satan was trying to thwart things. One of the things that happened was that we tried making a smoothie and even though we have made many of them the machine was acting up! We even spilled a lot of it onto the counter top, but we were able to laugh it off! As we started our opening prayer for our planning for the next day, we knew that we needed to give a priesthood blessing to one of our investigators. We then knew why things had happened to try to make us frustrated to not feel the Spirit. I know that this gospel is true because otherwise there wouldn't be any such opposition.

I would like to bear my testimony that I know that this gospel is true and that God loves each and every one of us. I know that He loves us, because otherwise we wouldn't have faced opposition last night to know to help one of our investigators. I know this Gospel is true, I invite all who read this to find out for themselves if this is really true or not. Because it is either true or it is not. 

Love Elder Kloosterboer