Friday, 26 September 2014

We Are Both Staying

Transfer calls happened this week and we are both going to stay. Elder Nelson and I are both excited to stay here because we know we can do so much in Hayward! Man this has been a busy week! In fact one of the days we were running 45 minutes behind on everything, but it was really cool because even though we were late for everything, it all worked out and we both felt really good about the day! 

We did a few hours of service this week which was great! We cleaned some of the kitchen for one of the people we are teaching which was fun, because at the end it looked like a new place! My companion is losing his 11 years of piano playing, so we have decided to make sure that we go to the old peoples home to play piano for them which they enjoy a lot! haha, it is a lot of fun just even talking with the people who live there and they have a lot of stories to tell. 
With Elder Walk

Who is that standing next to me in the picture with all the white shirts? That is Elder Walk, we had exchanges that day which was fun! We even found a new investigator who used to investigate the church a long time ago! 

Other missionaries with Larry

Three investigators came to Stake Conference on Sunday! (Stake Conference is a meeting where all the stake's members are invited to) I sat next to Abraham who we started teaching not too long ago, his sister is actually already a member! Then my companion sat next to Arthur who is an evangelical christian. Then Larry was there too! 

On Top of the Temple with Larry
We went to the Visitor Center with Larry and his brother-in-law who is a member. It was super good and we watched the Restoration through Joseph Smith's mother's eyes. We also went on top of the temple where we were able to see the Bay area! 

Larry is going to be baptized this Saturday with his son! Along with two other people that the sisters have been teaching! :-) 

We have a solid week coming up that we are both really exited for :-) 

After Larry's Baptismal Interview
I would just like to share a few stories from the stake conference that we went to. Oh and all the missionaries in our Zone sang "Called to Serve" in the Saturday evening session! One of the people who talked was a single man who is divorced. He has 7 children! He talked about the temple and being sealed to your family for all eternity. It was painful for him, but as he prayed in his one bedroom apartment he saw a vision that all of his children were dressed in white. I know that God loves us and that he does want us to be with our families forever. Another story was from a women whose sister had a deaf child. They went to the temple to see it be dedicated. Right behind them a women was following them. This women was able to sign fluently for her son to know what was said. Afterwards she thanked this women. The women said that she had a dream that she was needed at the temple and she gave her address to the mother. She lived all the way in Canada, but the mother was never able to get any reply to the letters sent to this woman. 

Unlimited Sushi with Elder Taylor
The last experience I would like to share is an experience from a returned missionary. He said that he started a new mission because of the age change and the many more missionaries coming in i.e. a new mission was started up and this elder was then one of the new missionaries in the new mission. In one of his first areas where he served he met a family who had been less active for a long time. He was able to teach them. They started coming back to church. But one of the daughters had brain cancer. They asked for a blessing and so he gave her a blessing. In the blessing he was prompted (inspired by the Holy Ghost) to say that she would be healed, he was then even more prompted to say by the time he finished his mission if they stayed in the gospel. However, 4 weeks after he was transferred and they went less active again. In his last area (different place than his first) he met them again! They had moved! The family again started to come to church, read the Scriptures as a family each day and praying again. But the daughter was not healed from the brain cancer. On the last Sunday of his mission he went to that family. The daughter told him that she went in to get her results that Thursday and that there was nothing! Apart from a few scar tissue. The power is real. 

I know that God knows us each all individually and that he wants to bless us. 

I love you all, and hope that you will have a great week!

Love, Elder Kloosterboer