Wednesday, 27 August 2014

More Exciting Blog Posts

It has only been half a week since I last wrote emails, but a few things have happened. This week my companion got his bike, but then I noticed that the bike we found at the apartment that I am going to use has a flat tire lol. We think the bike belongs to the mission so we are trying to find a new bike for me. 

Morning Scripture Study

How I Dress for Scripture Study
We did some service for a less active member on Saturday and it was the funniest service I have ever been too. It stunk! I nearly threw up a few times haha. But we got everything done. Haha, we emptied the fridge and took out all the moldy food. There was even a bowl with a ton of chicken bones in it with green mold! But I love service :-) 

When we thought we had finished the woman wanted to bring her pond! She was moving three hours away and wanted to take the pond with her.  She wanted all her rocks so we made an assembly line and started moving all the rocks and the fish and other stuff. For the first time in my life I saw a few Black Widow spiders which was cool. Near the end, there were two or three people in the pond and the women tried to put a hose back on the water pump, but the pump turned and blew a ton of fish pond water onto her face with her mouth open! 

On Sunday there was an earthquake, many people woke up... but I slept through it! No damage. Last night we were planning for the next day when three gun bullets where fired near our apartment. Luckily we were not outside! 

We are getting more used to the area and we have been teaching more. 

Our Local Costco

We had exchanges this past week. Elder Cutler came to my area because this is where he had served a year ago. ​We had a great day and we were super busy! We taught one of our investigators, David. He has been investigating the church for 2 years and he came to church a few weeks ago for his first time. He seems very excited to learn about the gospel and we talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ. We also went to visit a member this week. He came to church for the first time in 5 months a week ago! We got to know him a little and Elder Cutler already knew him. We had a good discussion about the Plan of Salvation which is a plan for us to get back to live in Heavenly Father's Presence. Near the end he told us that his little girl had a heart surgery. While she was out she said that she saw three family members all smiling at her, and Jesus Christ was also there smiling at her. I know that He loves us all, He has a plan for us. I testify that this plan is true. I know it more clearly than I can see. Though life seems tough at times, it is here so we can gain experience and joy.

Thank you for all your prayers I really appreciate them and I can feel them.

I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! 

- Elder Kloosterboer