Saturday, 23 August 2014

Feels Like a Month!

At the Temple
It feels like it has been a month since I last wrote an email. Today (Wednesday Aug 20th) we went to the temple and it was super nice to be able to go there to feel so much peace. Due to that and other things I don't have much time to write this week.

At the Little's
Last week Monday was great! We went over to the Little's home because they are investigating the church and it was a small farewell party for me since I was leaving San Ramon. Some members also came and we had a great time. The Slavens who went to 6 flags were disappointed in all their rides as every single ride they stood in line for broke down. (Apart from one) 

So they decided to come home early; you may wonder what that has to do with the Littles, but it does! Since the Slavens came home early they were able to make it to this small party at the Little's. It is because of all the members there that we were able to set a baptismal date! I will miss their baptism, since I am in Hayward. 

My New District
I am training in Hayward and my new companion is Elder Nelson. He is from Utah. He is already very skilled at teaching and he has a huge desire to be obedient which is fantastic! I myself have learnt the importance of exact obedience and it is such a blessing.

Well our ride is outside for dinner, but this week has been a little stressful... a lot with a messy apartment and not many records, including no directory. We have also been on foot, but this ward is great because they provide a ride every night in the week for our teaching appointments! We have been teaching two men so far. Oh and this ward also has sisters so it has been fun learning about how to share an area! :-)  Snap! SO much has happened, such little time to write. 

Hit a Water Main
In one of the pictures you can see my temp. companions Elder Walk and Elder Cuttler. We tried to help a man dig up a hole, but hit a water main which was crazy! Luckily miracles happened and some members fixed it within 25 minutes and the pipe was better looking than before. 

We have a great view from our apartment. 

Alright, sorry not for not responding to anyone's email much, next week ay?

View From Our Apartment

I know this gospel is true! I know God loves us all because I can feel it as we talk about people and as we speak to people. 

Love you all! 
Elder Kloosterboer