Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another Week in my Mission

Here is another week in my mission!

Last week Monday we went bowling as a district. It was pretty fun! We tried to visit some potential investigators that evening and in the process we street contact (talking to people in the street who we see) a man called Edward. The next day we stopped by Edward again as a service project we had planned fell through. We shared a video with him called, "Finding Faith in Jesus Christ". It was a good lesson and I really hope that he can continue to learn of our message of Hope, peace and joy.

Moving Service

On Wednesday morning we helped the Bailey's move some of their belongings into a U-Hall truck. They moved to Utah. it was fun moving a lot of things :-) After we helped, we went to the Cox family to help them move some of their mother in law's stuff into the house as she had just moved in. I found it a lot of fun! We are trying to get up to 10 hours of service a week and we did about 7.5 hrs of service this week :-) 

Brother Cox and Elder Rowley

Elder Hooele at Zone Conference
We were able to do some service on Thursday evening. We helped with putting together care packages for people in the military. That morning we left early to leave to a zone conference. It was from 9:00 to 5:00! There are a lot of things that happen at a zone conference. We are trained to be better missionaries and they teach us what we need to know. We also taught James that day. 

Doing service helped me loose my self in this work. Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused on missionary work as there are many distractions around everywhere, but when I am able to loose my self I feel so much happier, and that is the point of being here - to find joy! I know that is the purpose for us to be here on earth.  It reminds me of what God's purpose is, "For behold, this is My work and My glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Moses 1:39)

The ward (a unit of people in the church) had put together a map for emergency situations which divided the geographical area up into sections. Our map was organized differently and we decided to switch over the ward map. We copied the boundaries and put them on a map that the Stevens (Members of the ward) gave us. We then photo copied the map several times for our own use. We decided to do this as when we print out the list of members in the ward it has the "Geo Codes" on them, and this will help us more easily identify where people live.

Here are also pics of me using the sisters' sunglasses while using their car :)  and also a pic of what the Stevens' gave me for Fathers Day :) .

Thank you for your prayers, support and messages! I love you all! Thanks! Have a fantastic week! 
- Elder Kloosterboer