Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Fun Service Project

Goliath in Sunday School
This week has been really good. We have been working hard and have been able to teach a few lessons along with doing a few service projects! We also saw Clayton Christensen this week.
Who did we teach this week? We taught a few people. On Tuesday we were going to teach Holland, but he canceled; a member came out with us that evening and since our plans had fallen through we decided to see if Edward (who we met last week) was home. He was home and so we had a good lesson. I really like that this gospel is for everyone, no matter where or who you are, this gospel is  for you. We taught Holland this week and it was a good lesson, we taught him the importance of coming to church! We won't be able to teach him this  week as he is building houses for Indians! We had a dinner with the Reagens where James (one of our investigators) made some really good ribs! We taught him most of the Plan of Happiness, Brother Preiser was there too and they did a great job helping! Even though I don't know much, I know that I am called by a prophet of God and that what we teach is true.
Fireside at the Temple Complex

On Wednesday we drove to Oakland for a fireside where Clayton Christensen spoke on missionary work directed at members! It was good to hear him speak, every missionary was there so I was able to see Elder Arp, Elder Pua and I missed Elder Fa'alavelave! It was great to see these elders there! On the way back there was a lot of traffic, so we decided to start our planning for the next day. When traffic started to pick up I threw my planner behind me.... We could not find it anywhere! (I thought it was to make us work in unity even more). Luckily my companion found it! I was so happy as it acts like a journal too after my mission. :-)
Nice House for Service

Our ward mission leader took us to Costco this week for dinner and it was great to see how many people talked to us! As we ate pizza, one of our potential investigators walked up to us and said he would set something up for us to teach him and his friend this week! How cool is that. It was great to see a huge smile on Brother Stoddard's face because of all the people who talked to us!

Sisters Stuck in the Pebbles

We were able to do some service this week with the Remingtons and their parents! We invited the sisters to help clean some of their windows. At the end, the sisters tried to leave but in trying to they got stuck in a sea of pebbles! LOL! There was a rock stuck under their car so we tried to dig it out! We got it out and then all of a sudden a contractor came and helped us out! It was fun!
Service and Stuck in the Pebbles

That was my week this week! This coming week we are getting our transfer calls! I have been in this area (San Ramon) for 6 months now!