Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tons of Service

Helping put up a roof

Going to be short. This week we did a lot of service! On exchanges I went to Concord with Elder Baird which was a great day! We spent like 5 hours doing service. First we went to the Salvation Army and organized some food! They were super happy that we helped and talked about us to the next missionaries who came the whole time those missionaries were there haha. After that we went to help a member put up this roof thingy! We used the pool noodles instead of pipe tube since it is cheaper and is more UV protected! 
Ice Cream Between Two Cookies
This is the roof

Helping with Moving
With Elder Baird, Helping at
the Salvation Army

With Elder Irvine

Elder Eh Helping with Service

Helping With Some Gardening

We did more service also, we dug a little and added a plant, next to which we embedded these red slabs of brick. It was a good learning experience! 

The Plant Put In

We are still teaching Lyana and she has a baptismal date for August 9th! She came to a fireside called Why I Believe! It was super good and the spirit was strong. One recent convert stuck out to me. She had wanted to join the church for several years as she had a lot of Mormon friends and wanted to be exactly like them! One night she couldn't sleep and at like 2 in the morning she decided to drive all the way to the temple (an hour drive) and she just parked her car opposite the temple (as it was closed) and she asked if this was the church she should join. She started to cry with emotions strong and she knew this was the way she needed to go. Most of the speakers were about 20 years old, apart from one 55 year old lady. She told us that it is never too late to learn and to change your life! I agree! 

More Ice Cream!
Crash site of a truck carrying rubble
Well I also believe. I have a strong belief - meaning faith - in Jesus Christ who has suffered our punishment for us - not consequences but punishments. I know that this gospel is designed to bring us closer to Christ and that through following his exact example that we can be saved and live with those we love forever. I say this in the Name of Jesus Christ amen. 

Love - Elder Kloosterboer 

A Helper!
The Sister Missionaries' Crashed car