Friday, 15 May 2015

Tetris with Furniture

Mapping out the members and onto the GPS too
Hello everyone,

Will it ever stop? That took a LONG time
I hope that you all had a good week? Over this end it was pretty good! We did a lot of work this week especially on our map and we also tried to execute an idea my companion had for mothers day. 

 We tried to put all of our former investigators on the map along with numbers. This would make it easier for us when we are looking through our records in our area book.
Inside one of the Mothers Day cards
(We see a number and locate it easily on the map due to a north to south numbering system) We numbered them with only odd numbers, this allows space for new former investigators to be put on the map. Because of how successful this whole map system is, Elder Yu who was my last companion also made a map for his new area. While we have been using this map system we have saved many hours already and have come to know the area super well! And it helps with special projects like an idea that Elder Caleja came up with this last week.

Mothers Day cards
Elder Caleja had an idea for us to make mothers day cards for all the women in our branch! We went and bought the materials and tried to make as many as we could. While my companion was writing the notes I decided to fold them and put a sticker on them to seal them - at the same time I added their address into the GPS itinerary route planning. It took us way longer than we had thought but we were able to stick a few of them on our members doors. It made us feel great and it was a very good way to let people know that we care about them.  
- and after
Fentons Ice cream - before

Party food
Our members here love us and are feeding us lots! heehehe :-) We went to Fentons ice cream place and had a lot of other good food this week! (Fentons is in the movie "UP") That is one thing that is so great about being a missionary, we don't worry about food, bills or much else. All we need to focus on is helping people come closer to Christ. 
Helping with moving
We were blessed to be able to help out with a few service projects one of which we helped a non member woman move.
In the moving van
Elder Mizobuchi was really good at tetris with all the boxes! It was a lot of fun - this is what a mission is about, service and being able to have fun while doing good!

Language study
At the end she asked us why we were so kind to each other and so peaceful, well it is the message we share - that there is hope in life and that it is because of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ - that is why we act the way we do. It was good to answer some of her questions and to also talk to her friend who was visiting from another state who decided to help too. She was of another faith, it was nice to be able to build new friendships. 
Moving furniture in a Church/ School

Us and 7 other elders helped out a church/school - we moved all of their classroom furniture to an upstairs classroom. It was a lot of work and again, we tried to play tetris (Since we can't play it on electronic devices we have to make do with furniture). 

Preparing to Skype home 
Skyping with family
 So we had a really fun week, but what made it even more fulfilling was to be able to see my family on Skype! A member kindly let us use their laptop to Skype home! It is good to see them all and to talk with them again. Till next time! Christmas time - a week before I go home lol. 

I love this gospel, it is just the best. I recently read an article addressed to those who are not members of the church. If you get a few minutes you can listen or read this or watch it. I know that many people are searching for more light, sometimes it feels like we are missing something in our lives - sometimes we feel like we had it, but now it is gone.
I know that the gospel is meant to be there. I know that the gospel is the only way that we can find and have everlasting peace and happiness. I know that it is because of a loving Heavenly father that Jesus Christ came to earth so that we can all live. I know that He wants us to follow him and I know this is His church restored again onto this earth in these latter days. I know these things because of the confirming witness from the Spirit. I know that you too can receive this witness for yourself and that if we do what He asks of us that we will be the most happy we can be. I invite you to listen to our message, what harm can it do? 

I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I love you all! Have a great week! 

- Elder Kloosterboer