Thursday, 21 May 2015

Getting Back to Basics

Eating Balut (chicken in egg) - what they eat in
the Philippines - my dad had that on his mission
in the Philippines too

We just came back from a district activity - at first we were going to go bowling but then the cost was way higher than we thought, so instead we ate some pizza! 
With 'Grandma Hang'


We had a zone training and the mission is refocusing on three simple things that we missionaries do. In fact we have so much to do that we don't know what to do first. SO our mission is focusing on the basics again, which is to Find, Teach and Baptize. 

We went to visit a lot of members who haven't been to church for a few years. One of them is named Peng. He is trying to change his life. We had been trying to contact his dad for a while now - whenever we came they would look through the window and never open the door. But a few weeks ago we ran into his son, Peng. 

He came to church after we invited him and it was my first time on my mission to see someone come back to church after we invited them! I felt so much joy! We also taught Sierra on Sunday. We decided to teach her about the plan of salvation. My sister had sent me a card with a diagram of the plan of Salvation on it which we used. It was a good lesson in which we shared more about the lesson. 
P-Day Miles

mmm pizza
Outside of the church
On Saturday we were on exchanges. We went to visit a few less active members and we talked to a lot of people that day! One of the people we visited didn't speak much English, so later we asked an active member if he could call her and set up an appointment. So we will see her this week with that member who can translate for us :-) We also visited another less active member who invited us in. We taught him about the blessings of keeping the Word Of Wisdom and taught him how to pray properly. That is what we do as missionaries a lot, trying to bring back people who have already make covenants, or promises, with God. 

Golden Sunset over Oakland and San Fran
I know the church is true. I have experienced it and invite you to do the same. The gospel has brought me a lot of joy and I find so much happiness as I try to live as Jesus showed us. We can follow him by entering the waters of baptism and being baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority from God. (Just as John the Baptist) If we do that, we can have eternal life and find the most joy in life. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen! 

Elder Kloosterboer