Thursday, 7 May 2015

Show Faith - We can't just sit in a room waiting for someone else to turn on the light!

Cotton Candy - Candy Floss
Hello everyone :-)

Every week I get on here and I always feel so much more accomplished when I finish this email. It is a pleasure to be able to share the gospel, and being able to show you all what I do on my mission is a lot of fun! Thank you all for the support and prayers - they really do give extra strength. I hope you enjoy the blog! 

This week was fun! We had a branch family night where we had a message about how different people see different things. We ate a lot of food afterwards which is always nice - especially since we are missionaries the members take really good take of ourselves. 

Bunthorn at Branch family Night
Branch Family night
A Bear!
During the day time we try to do service or we try to visit as many people as we can. Recently we have been driving to less active members homes and then we would go walk around a few blocks and talk to as many people as we can! We are trying to find more service to do during the day time as people are not always home during those hours before 5. I love service. I saw this small clip about a few youth doing a 72 hours service challenge. It went viral so you may have seen it, but here is the link. I really like the last quote, "As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness." This is the way to find happiness. It is also a perfect way to follow our Saviour and Redeemer. 
Ready for the day - Leaving Apartment 

We went to Concord and Pittsburgh where we tried to visit some people over there, and Tyler came out with us - he is a member. His dad left when we picked him up and we only just found out on Sunday that we were supposed to wait for his dad to come back after we had finished as he was going to take us out to dinner lol. But that is okay as we went to Hometown Buffet. A member who was there was going to pay for us but we were too fast and had just already paid. I am so impressed to see how willing members are - from anywhere - whether we serve in their congregation or not - are still willing to pay for us. 

Making Additional Maps
We also made a few extra maps so now we have every member plotted on a map. We have all the members numbered  (over a hundred) and now we feel it effective to number the blue dots - who are the former investigators. 
Grandma Hang
We went to another party this week and I took a picture of "Grandma Hang" She is 85 and still is super healthy. Most of the members of our branch are related to her.

Just finished Exchanges - I was with Elder Castleberry

Well not much more to say, but I love that we get to study the gospel so much! Every day we study one hour by ourselves and then another hour we study together and prepare for the day. (If you are new you would have another hour to study with each other. We also have one hour of language study.)  I love it. It is one way that we can gain personal Revelation - which is how He can communicate with us! We have to show Him that faith. We can't just sit in a room waiting for someone else to turn on the light. 

Ice Cream Bun
I know that God cares for each one of us and that he knows us. He even knows us better than we know ourselves. He is always ready for us to come to Him and for us to follow Him. That is how we find everlasting happiness. Money can't do that. In fact nothing on this world can except the gospel of Jesus Christ. A person that Elder Caleja taught nearly 2 years ago was about to come back to church, but then he slipped. Here we are nearly two years later. He is still having many struggles in his personal life, but we know that God still knows him and that we are not giving up on him. Why? It is because we can feel God's love for him and we know that if we have faith in Jesus Christ that we can overcome anything. I have seen it and I know it is true. The most discouraging thing is when people won't accept the gospel. I really don't understand it. It is way better and stronger than anything in the world can ever offer. But just like the sons of Mosiah, who were depressed when they were on their missions God gave them comfort and told them to go back and preach more. Why would God let the sons of Mosiah go back after them feeling so depressed that not many people would accept their message? It is because God loves us and it is His gospel. Even though we make mistakes He still loves us! 

Fun, lol
We all knew before we came to earth that we would sin, but we can still make it back home to live with God again. I know it - if we will just follow Him by being baptized and follow his example. I also know this is the fullness of the gospel. It is the truth. I know it is because I have read the Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ and goes hand in hand with the Bible. I would like to invite you all to pray to know if these things are true - EVEN if you are already a member. Moroni's promise can be tested again and again. His promise invites us to read the Book of Mormon and then to pray to God to ask him if what it says is true or not. Then if we have a sincere heart, and having real intent, meaning we will act on our answer and if we have faith, God will answer our prayer. I know these things are true, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I love you all! 

- Elder Kloosterboer