Friday, 13 March 2015

Last Week Here in Hayward! - Picture blog!!

Mission Home
Good afternoon! ​
Directory update
Free Ice Cream
This blog is like a picture blog :-) Enjoy! A month ago or so we printed out a new directory and we just finished updating it! It has a lot of information on that will help missionaries in the future. It has been a fun week in Hayward!
Elder Otuafi
Well onto some news! I am getting transferred! 
Nosa and me
My history is this: 7 months in San Ramon, 7 months in Hayward. I already miss many members of the ward and have grown to love them very much.  We will see how long I will be in my third area. I am going to be learning a few words in Cambodian! I will be in the Oakland 10th ward which is Cambodian speaking! It covers the whole mission and the apartment is in the heart of the ghetto of Oakland! This will be a great experience! Well I met my new companion a few days ago and I saw the name tag.... Oh dear - It looks difficult to read haha. I am looking forward to it though! 

We have gone to this all you can eat place like 4 times within the last week! And this time I was given some ice cream! Now that is customer service! 
Brother Evans

We did some service this week for one of our members. We replanted a few plants and it was nice. Andrew, one of our members, also helped with this project and it took us two days! It was fun and I am glad that we were able to help. Service is just the best thing around! I invite you to try it! 

This morning we went on a hike with our district. We went with one our our members brother Shumate. It took a few hours for us to complete and it was a lot of fun!We were hungry so we found a few plants we could eat :-) He also has a lot of animals on his property so we fed a few of them! 

Some members of the ward
I am enjoying serving my mission. I am so going to try my best to learn Cambodian but I know I can learn what I am needed to learn with His help. I am learning so much on my mission and wouldn't trade it for anything! I know that God is a loving God. I know that there is a plan for us to return to Him again and I  know that it is through the atonement that we can be made clean to make it possible for us to return! 

I love you all and want to thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it. :-)

Love, Elder Kloosterboer

At Fowlers

With Sister Fowler

The Monte family - Elder's Quorum President


Going on a hike

With Brother Shumate and Dog