Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Different Experience.

Hello everyone, 

At Hometown Buffet
This has been a good and long week. Elder Yu is my new companion! He is originally from South Korea but then later lives in Utah. He was called as Cambodian speaking. My new companion, Elder Yu, and I are working in the Oakland 10th branch Cambodian speaking. I have been asked by the mission president just to learn a few greetings. It has been fun and stressful learning a new language - even though English is my second language. So far I can say, Hello. How are you? I am fine. Companion. and thank you. For some reason it has been difficult for me to learn these. But I plan to continue to work on it. 

On Monday evening (my last night in Hayward) our ward mission leader invited us to go to HomeTown Buffet with him and a few other members! It was a lot of fun! But it was sad that I won't be working with them anymore. I miss a lot of people haha. 

With Mark Burt, Elder Gubler & Elder Otuafi
On Tuesday we had transfer day and we got to work pretty soon. The first thing I did was unpack. After that we went through the area book! Our new apartment is pretty small - but it is great for missionaries. (Every apartment I have lived in on my mission has been pretty big.) 

So this week we have been visiting some former investigators from a old mission leader's binder. Some of the records go back over 10 years! So about 5 years ago some missionaries were walking in Oakland past a house where the people started swearing at the missionaries. So the good missionaries stopped and talked to them. They taught the people and then later they stopped investigating. 5 years later we come along and decide we want to visit the person. But, we didn't have the right address and so we decide to call to invite her to listen to our message again. Well she answers and she couldn't remember  the missionaries. We invited her to learn more about the restored gospel. But then she was like, "You want to come to my house and teach me?!" We answered, "yes" to which she said, Yea! So we will be teaching her soon hopefully! 

The members of the branch are very nice! We are mostly in Oakland but we do cover a lot more area. Well I am enjoying everything. I am learning a lot. 

We are teaching a few people. Right now we have a few investigators and I really enjoy teaching them. I love being able to feel the spirit - especially when we teach lessons. I know that it is the spirit who teaches us all things and that is what I love!

I love you all and hope that you will all have a great week! 

Elder Kloosterboer