Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Keeping Productive

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Hello Everyone! 

Hope that you have all had a good week! 

The week here in the mission field has been a good week. A lot of our appointments have fallen through a lot but we have been blessed to be able to know the area well enough to think of other things to do. 

When we email
It has been a pretty normal week for us. We have been trying to talk with everyone more, but today in our District meeting we were reminded that we have committed ourselves to talk to 10 people each a day. Our promise is that we will baptize twice the people that we would otherwise. How are investigators supposed to keep their commitments if we aren't keeping our commitments? Even if they are different. There is no moral authority without that. 

What are a few miracles that happened this week to us? As we were walking away from El Pollo Loco (A fast food restaurant - I call Crazy Chicken) we were walking across the zebra crossing (cross walk) when someone shouted our names out of the stacked traffic at the red light right next to us. It was the first car with three women in it. We walked up to their passenger window and the driver asked, "Do you have a Book of Mormon?" hehe yep! As my companion was looking for the book in his bag, another women in the car next to us said hello to the person asking for the Book of Mormon! Then the driver asking for the book said that she had been challenged to read it in 180 days by a family member! I am positive that her life will change if she heeds its message. I know it will. 

Helping with a random move
Who are our investigators that we taught? One of our investigators, Arthur, just got a job which has made it more difficult to find a time to teach. But when we went over this week were greeted by his dogs :-) He is trying to figure out what the differences are right now. Another family we are teaching is the Alverado family. The wife and 2 daughters have been baptized already but the dad, Hugo, is learning with us. Notice that I said, learning WITH us. On my mission I have learned that the spirit also teaches the teachers because that is His role. Everything in missionary work is dependent on the Spirit of God. Without it, there is no point in doing teaching. The spirit is the one who testifies to us of truth, but how can we know it is the spirit? I invite you to read these two verses in the Doctrine and Covenants

Elder Schaeffer
Is the spirit real? Test it out. This week with a family we dedicated their home to be a safe refuge from the world. The spirit was strong. We left and later that day the grandmother came. As soon as she walked in to the home she felt the difference that there is peace, warmth, light in the home. She is not a member. The spirit is real.

I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ that has been restored to this earth again. How can you know? Take up the promise in Moroni. It is logical. It makes sense. The spirit will testify if you put in the right ingredients that it mentions. 
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I am loving my mission. As I have seen sister Fitu go home I have reflected upon my mission and where I would like to be at the end of my mission. I know this is my only time when I am working FULL time to share the Gospel with the people of California. Even though there are many difficulties it is well worth every ounce of my time! 

- The best way to learn is to act. 

I love you all! Have a great week.  This week we will get the car. We will also be at a few firesides where Elder Bednar will talk. 

love Elder Kloosterboer