Saturday, 29 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

This week has been great! We have been trying to work hard on trying to talk to 20 people a day!  We did something that I did in my other area, which is to talk to 10 people before you are allowed to have any lunch. We talked to 90 people where as the other weeks it was about 18 people a week. Because of this we have seen direct blessings and we have been able to meet with a few people that we have been trying to teach for over 2 months now! 

This is how it should be done -----
We have also been trying to get a hold of a young man for a long time. We normally just talk to the dad who is a member, but his son who isn't a member yet has always been gone. But this week he was there! He went straight on the x-box and that was difficult to stay focused. (Missionaries are not allowed to watch TV or such things) We then set some expectations and the son wants to be a member! He just doesn't like the water! :-) We then set up a return appointment! 

What makes one cold! RAIN! We were on our bikes this week and it was raining a lot! It was fun, we would walk in the rain with our umbrellas and then we also tried to cycle in it. I didn't take my jacket one day and thought that it was going to clear up, but it was a not so! It kept raining and it got worse hehe. We were just happy that it wasn't freezing.

...not like this - drowned rats!
On Sunday we were cycling to dinner, and we were on the pedestrian path.  As we were waiting a member said "Hello Elders" we saw that she had a friend and told her to ask Tammy more about the church. We followed up later that day and she said that they has just been talking about missionary work at dinner! We told her that it is a sign! :-) 

I know this church is true! I know that God watches over all of us and that he knows each of our situations fully. I love this Gospel! Obedience brings blessings, look at the things that have happened this week for us here. It can happen for you too. 

I hope that you will all have a great week!

Love you all!