Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dear Journal

Looking Fit
Hello everyone,

Thank you for keeping up to date with me! I know that many pray for me and it makes a difference. 

SO many things have happened this week! Monday we played some volley ball with our district and the sisters in our ward, sister Fitu and sister T... are crazy! They hit the ball so hard! 

My 72 hour Emergency Kit
Many of our set appointments near the beginning of the week were rescheduled. With all the extra time we decided to stay productive and we visited some potentials and former investigators. Because of the set appointments falling through we were able to find more people to teach, so that is a good blessing. It was so funny because as we visited a potential guess who we saw there? Elder Pua (A member from my MTC district)! It was so cool to see that we are both working in the field! 

We also did a lot of service this week! This whole mission is doing a program named, "Just Serve". We are asked to do about 10 hours of service a week in the community. I love service so it is fun! We are trying to find more opportunities though. 

Arthur talking with Elder Nelson
Happy Birthday! It was Elder Nelsons Birthday today! I recorded myself on the phone and said, "Good Morning! Elder Nelson! It is your Birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! - Have a great day!" haha. I made that the alarm for this morning so it was pretty funny to wake up to a new alarm sound! The ward counsel brought him a cake! It was also Arthur's birthday this past week! 

Arthur came to the Visitor Center this week and it was awesome! I love going there because we get to see the movies there about the restoration and they are always a testimony builder. 

Elder Nelson Doing Service
We also went to a baptism. Elder Nelson was asked to play the piano. (Normally missionaries are not allowed to go to baptism unless they have an investigator with them). So this created the opportunity to meet the woman's husband! Her husband lived in Holland right near where I used to live! I was able to speak a few words to him! I was asked the day before to present a presentation on lesson one, The Restoration Of the Gospel! When the zone leaders asked me to do this, I felt comfortable and excited. That is not normal! I decided to spend 50 minutes from my personal study making my presentation. When the time came, elder Nelson played the Piano and after he finished I started my presentation on lesson one. I know that I was guided by the spirit, and I know that the people in that room felt the spirit. There is no way that I did that presentation by myself. While I was speaking, I felt the spirit strongly and I was able to strengthen my own testimony of the First Vision. Later we had a fireside where the spirit was also strong. 

Elder Nelson at Service

The full time missionaries organized a fireside named, "Dear Journal." All the missionaries in the Hayward area sent in real journal entries for this fireside. We selected a few and made them into three journal entries. We also sang at that fireside and it sounded great! 

I am learning so much on my mission! The things that I am learning on my mission would take me a life time to learn otherwise. I know that God does love His children because he hasn't left us alone. How can you find out these things for your self? I would suggest to listen to the missionaries.

I love you all!

- Elder Kloosterboer