Friday, 24 October 2014

Elder Hamula came!

Waiting for interviews
Happy morning! 

This was an awesome week! On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission President who loves us so much! Interviews are for some reason really cool because we get to talk to our mission president one to one.

We had a General Authority come and talk to us this week! Elder Hamula talked to us about so many different things like how we can receive personal revelation and how to seek and also receive it. He talked on many more things and we all shook his hand! Afterwards we had a lunch which was super good! 

Pig with the sisters
We had dinner with the Napoleone family who cooked a pig for a party because sister Fitu is going home in November! It was pretty good! 

Elder Nelson impressed many people on Sunday as he played the piano in church. He also played on this white piano which I thought looked pretty cool! Oh at this members home with this White piano we were also able to fix her computer. Luckily it was only a hardware problem which we could fix since missionaries are not allowed to use members computers. 
With Larry

I have been blessed to be here in California on my mission. I am so glad that there is running water and such. I am glad that I don't need to shower in the middle of a town with a bucket of water like so many other missionaries did in different countries. But this morning... The hot water was off so I took a freezing shower for the first time in a long time hahaha. It was good. 

Lunch after our interviews
We have been blessed at this time to be serving in Hayward. Many good things have happened here in the last couple months. We feel like we are working hard and that is the best thing to do as a missionary, because even if there seem to be no results we know that we have been successful because of working diligently. 

With Larry
We also visited a man who has been trying to come back to the church. We decided to talk about tithing and the blessings of paying our 10%. It was perfect timing. As he was working one job and was about to get a second job (Leading to 4 hours of sleep a day - which is not good and would take time away from his family). He did have another job interview a while back and if he got this job he would have a lot more time and money. Then a few days later when we talked to him again, he said that he was driving and was prompted to get out and kneel and to pray. He then he got a phone call telling him that he was hired for this better job! The blessings of tithing are real. As one person put it yesterday, he has never met anyone whose electric was shut off because of paying tithing, he has never met anyone whose water was shut off because of paying tithing. He has never met anyone who went in to debt because of paying their tithing. 
Smoothie on the ground

I know that God lives. I know it because I see so many miracles each day. I also know because I feel His love as we share His Gospel to all the world. 

I love you all and hope that you will have a great week!

- ELder Kloosterboer