Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's cold!

With Robert
My goodness! It is cold! Luckily I found this nice Colombia Jacket here in this apartment to keep me warm and still have my scarf that I was given last Christmas from some members. It is great to be a missionary as you don't have to worry about anything - only finding, teaching and baptizing people.

Treadmill on the Street
We had a great day on Thanksgiving! Had two dinner appointments and that was great to eat so much and then relax - as now holidays are treated as special preparation days - meaning we can relax and email. 

We have visited a lot of less active members - but not many people were home.

Well something cool that happened this week was that I met Robert! He was a missionary who taught and baptized my aunty Susan! Because of that my mother was introduced to the gospel, which is part of the reason why I am a member and serving my mission! I heard that there was a calculation made that over 25 people are now members of the church from that one baptism. But I think it may be more than that. He took us to this really nice restaurant - like a lot of members do hehe. it was so neat to meet him and to get to know him more - thousands of miles away and a different continent from the original baptism place and many years later!

Oh this is TIWI (the white box). When you speed it talks to you and tells you to "Check your speed." And sometimes when you drive crazy like accelerate too much it will tell you "Aggressive driving" or if you don't have your seatbelt on it will say "Check your seatbelt" haha. Anyway if you get too many of those aggressive driving and so forth then you will lose your driving privilege. Unfortunately, my license ran out of my wallet and is now in its resting place somewhere.  
Thanksgiving Dinner
I love serving and it is stressfull, but it is worth it and such a privilege. This has been a great two years so far! I have learnt a lot and especially about my weaknesses but also I have learnt how to use those to gain strengths in other areas - it has been hard and I have a long road ahead of me to become better each day. But I know it is only through Christ that we can do that. I know that our Father in Heaven cares for all of us deeply - more than we can comprehend.

Love- Elder D. Kloosterboer

Flashy car

Christmas Lights everywhere