Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It Rained

November 2nd, 2015

Well it hasn't rained here that much at all so since it it did rain today I decided to put it as a title for this blog. Also California is going trough a pretty bad drought.  ​

On Monday we had a lot of fun by playing volleyball as a district - it was a lot of fun and the ball went over this fence a few times so I had to hop it to get it back! Afterwards we went to Quickly (a Chines store). 
Well,  we worked hard and went on splits with some members which was interesting. (Splits is when the missionaries split up with a member each.) Usually when you go to teach a lesson your companion and you both know exactly what is supposed to be said - but since members usually don't know the order in which a lesson is taught it makes the missionary speak a lot more. I found it fun - but also a lot more pressure is on me then. So instead of me doing a lot of talking I asked the member some good questions which then provided him the opportunity to testify and so forth. 

In church we showed members how they can invite their friends to church as many people are either scared that they might loose friends, or they may be shy, or they may not know how to invite. Our Ward Mission Leader took charge on the training and he asked us to do a little role play in front of everyone which people seemed to like. We will be going around the active members homes and do set some goals with them to see what they can do. 

Tracy is doing swell and she is progressing very well she has come to church every week so far!
We taught Ron but he has a lot of doubts. He knows that he needs to read the Book Of Mormon and pray about it to gain a testimony but he is having a difficult time doing that so far, but he is moving forward. 
Also, we met with another guy this week who used to investigate the church. We learned that he was on home arrest, and the member that was with me shared his experience about how the church saved him. 
When we taught Rosemary one of her extended family was there who had investigated the church before and he had a lot of questions. 
Modi has left to India without telling us. 

We also had a trunk or treat here and that was sweet! We were the judges along with another member and it was super difficult to pick 3 winners. For Halloween we had to do a deep clean and it took us like 5 total hours. But now our apartment is super clean and it is nice to be in.


One meal from Tongans
Clean apartment