Monday, 19 October 2015

Thank You

October 19th, 2015

This week went by super fast!

We don't have any quotas we need to reach as missionaries, we just need to be obedient to missionary rules. Missionaries agree to this when they sign up for missionary work. Our missionary leaders - other missionaries - help us in this work by us being accountable to them and the Lord. So why would an 18 year old go on a mission? What keeps us here and why is it at such a young age? 

Well I don't have all the answers but I feel that a mission is super important. Some might say - why go in your prime years of life when you could be dating, going to school, making money, progressing in life!? I feel that my mission thus far has blessed my life immensely! Not only do I have a strong testimony of the Savoir and the Gospel, but I am far more prepared to serve those around me and I have gained so many skills that will open up opportunities. Well I could go on to say much, much more, but for now this will suffice as I would like to share what happened this week with you. 

Service: We now do two service projects here every week. One of which is where we give food to people who come in. The other one we help in a kitchen - we dice onions and cut up celery and stuff - then we bring food out to the old people sitting outside - it is a lot of fun! 

We are teaching Heidi - she is one of our new investigators! She is going to another church right now, but she is searching for truth. We taught her about prayer. I know that when we pray to Heavenly Father with faith and real intent then He will answer in His own timetable. 

On Sunday I introduced myself to the ward and bore my testimony. We also went to a fireside, much like Why I Believe, but about people who were once less active in their lives! It was so cool! One that really stood out to me was when one man was less active, and his daughter started to have a very bad reaction to some mosquito bite. One of his other children pleaded  that he give a priesthood blessing. He had that authority, but he had no power as he wasn't living the gospel as he should have been. He tried but nothing worked. He then left the room and broke down crying because he had no power. He then knew he needed to change his life.   

We also attended a dinner for the High Priests! It was good getting to know the members more. 

For those who don't know. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer in the lungs about a month ago or so but she is doing a lot better now! We don't know how long she will live, but I have faith to continue my mission and that we all have trials to go through in our lives. 

I also wanted to say thank you to all those who are helping my family! It is such a blessing being out here knowing that my mother is taken care of. Thank you Alnwick branch for sending those flowers - that means a lot and to see such love is moving. Thank you for everyone who has been providing meals for my family because otherwise they would be stuck with my dads cooking haha jokes. There are so many who have been praying and that touches me to see that there are good people in the world who care so much! But I know that Heavenly Father is in control and if He wanted he could take this away in a second. 

I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much, it is so evident to me as I have served my mission thus far. I know that the gospel brings happiness. I love being a missionary and it fills my soul with joy - especially when I see others accept this message. 

I love you all!

- Elder Kloosterboer