Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Meeting People

This has been interesting. We haven't been able to meet with that many investigators this week so we tracted a lot (Knocking door to door.) Due to that, though, we have seen a lot of blessing! There have been two families that some of the members have been in contact with. One family the wife is the member and soon we will be meeting with her and the husband is okay with it. The second family the wife is not a member, but has been coming to church recently. She is a baptist, but we will be teaching her the doctrines that we believe in! When we went tracting we met this guy from The Netherlands (Where I lived for 9 years) and I spoke a few words in my native language, but as we started to talk I switched back to English and it sounded SO foreign to me! Then I felt bad because maybe I was supposed to have the whole conversation in dutch as it did sound so foreign to me. 

The world is small in the church! We were driving our bikes home one late night after teaching some members and as we drove past a hotel a group of people said "Elders!" So we talked to them and found out that there were three sibling there with their spouses as their mother had died and they were there to see the grave and such. We talked and found out that the eldest sibling was a bishop at BYU and that he had just met out last companion, Elder Marriott, and he is his bishop there! Then the next day we arrived a few minutes early at a hot dog place where a member was meeting us and as we waited these two people said "Elders--have you ate yet?!" and, so, we talked to them also. I finally found out that I had met the guy 6 months earlier when I served in Oakland and Elder Weaver had met him also! Elder weaver served in Brentwood where he met him early on in his mission and something more funny is that this guy had also lived in the ward where we are serving in now! 
We went on exchanges this week, also. I went back to Oakland 10th Cambodian branch! It was neat to be back and man, the apartment seemed a lot smaller than I had thought hahaha. We went to visit a few less actives who I had also tried in the past--but with no luck then--but this time we had a lot of luck as nearly everyone was home that we tired to visit! We even got a referral from one of the members we visited! Also had a lesson with a guy in Cambodian and that was sweet! Elder Hibart would speak in Cambodian and then he would tell me what he had just finished on so I could also interact and teach (As I couldn't understand any of it haha.) We also had dinner at some members and it was so awesome to see them and also had a few lessons with Pream who now has a baptismal date and also we had a lesson with Sierra and Lyana who are doing great! 

I need to run, but I know this church is Christ's church--it is in His name, after all. I know that Christ leads the church--just as he did in Revelation 1:1 - guide His people through revelation - which is communication from God to us. I know that we have a living prophet on this earth who guides the church with Jesus at the Helm of the ship. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Love you all!

- Elder Kloosterboer 


Knife Safety

Bus found in Oakland--ready for the zombies!

Going through a gate in Oakland
Removing a mattress