Thursday, 17 September 2015

Getting Popular With Our Bike Lights!

We are getting popular with our bike lights! Every night guarantee someone will say something about them and even a few people have stopped us and asked how we got them! A women freaked out the other night and said "I swear something green just flew past!" LOL. 

We did a lot of service this week. One of our investigators neighbor saw the elders and asked if we did service, the elders said that we do and a few weeks later he called us. We have been helping him pull a lot of weeds out of his yard and next week will clean some pipes for his swimming pool. (The Lord uses his servants skills - elder Weaver used to work cleaning swimming pools.) We also helped some members move these rocks and then take out weeds from this in the back garden and then we put that black plastic over it and put the rocks back - that was fun! 

We tracket this week for the first time in like 5 weeks and we ran into a lady from The Netherlands so spoke a few words in dutch! Was fun but she was not interested. Later that day I noticed that my skin was hot and sun burnt lol! 

We also visited a man who hasn't been to church in a long time. His wife knows the bible very well and says that is the only thing she needs. When we visited him his wife was not there - in fact she in in Hawaii! But we plan going back there!

For the last few hours we have been emailing and I have been switching between writing this and watching some powerful videos about addiction recovery that the church has just released. is where you can find them. 

I know the church is true and it is evident by the fruits you can see by living the gospel. I know that prayer is real and that God hears them. It is evident to me that this is the gospel that is headed by Christ and that He is in control. I love the Book Of Mormon! By reading the Book Of Mormon you can feel closer to God. I share this message with you because I know it is true. In the Name of Jesus Christ amen. 

- Elder Kloosterboer


Removing rocks

"Anyone home?"
Removing weeds

Harry Potter ties!

Bike lights!