Sunday, 12 April 2015

Making Things


Last night I went through my camera and picked out all the pictures and audio recordings that I wanted to send. However, we are in our casual clothing at a print shop right now and I left my planner in my white shirt pocket at home with all the information about the pictures and audio recordings in it. I also write down main highlights from the week in my planner so that I can write about them on here to make it easy for me. There is so much that happens in a week so I will try to remember what happened this week :-)

Cambodian New Year Celebration
In this mission we have to go running 3 times a week for 30 minutes. The other 3 days we do other exercises and then on Sunday we don't exercise. There is a lake near by in Oakland about 3 miles around which we went running around one day and afterwards I took this picture of my face super red! 

Cambodian New Year Celebration
General conference was great as always! If you missed it you can go to On Saturday during the sessions we went to a park where the Cambodian community was celebrating the Cambodian New Year. There was a lot of food and lots of dancing! I wish that I could send some videos but the files are too large. Most of the people at that activity are less active members and we were able to get one member's phone number which is great! 

I forgot to mention in my last email. Last week I made some mission goals to review often. If I have a vision of where I want to be, then I can make a path to achieve that with the help of the Lord and others. In my Preach My Gospel I have gone through most of the scripture references in the blue study box and written a small description next to each reference. This helps me to study and make specific plans for people we teach. 

We taught Bunthorn this week which was good. Then his dad walked in with this fish which was still alive! 

We taught a few more lessons, but I honestly can't remember them anymore. Last night though we taught Timothy at his grandma's house. We watched the restoration movie (How the church was restored through a living prophet.) And as we were teaching after the film the grandma wanted to share her conversion story in Cambodian. Elder Yu said that his Cambodian flowed really well and he used words that he hadn't used for a long time. He shouldn't have been able to speak so well since he said he was out of practice, but it shows us that the Gifts of the Spirit are real and I know it. I know that God loves each of his children. We missionaries, when we talk to people, is one way He shows his love for His Children. And we serve our missions because we love the Lord. 

Blown Up Car
When we went to visit a former investigator we saw these two cars! 

The Oakland Temple
View of part of our area from the Temple Terrace
We also got permission to use a computer to make a huge map.We made a webpage with an Iframe on it that would create a frame big enough for us to zoom in enough on the map to show street names and  which would allow a screen grabber to take a picture of the whole map! (Really big map which covers a lot of area!) We then put this in Photoshop and sent it to a member who will have our 3ft by 4ft map ready for us on Wednesday! We are also making a t-shirt which we are making today! That is why we are at a print shop right now. If we finish this T-shirts in time we will go to play Capture the Flag with a few other missionaries! :-D 

Oh we had interviews this past week with president. And we also traveled to San Ramon this week to try to visit some less active members. Well that is what I can remember from this past week. 

I hope you will all have a fantastic week!

Love, Elder Kloosterboer 

With My Companion's Glasses on