Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hitting Our Limits

With Brother Rith

This week I am going to write a little bit more in detail the lessons we taught this past week. 
This week has been good and also hard. We were able to teach a lot of people. some of the people we are teaching are Torn, Thia, Savanna, Timothy, and Sierra. We have been trying to get a hold Timothy for the last month and a miracle! We were dropping off Brother Rith, our branch mission leader, and there was Timothy and his dad dropping off a lot of bags of soil! So we were able to help which was great as it helped brother Riths mother see that we are here to also do good works and help others as she had an interesting history with missionaries in the past. So we talked to Timothy and he was going to be ready for church when his mother told him to clean the house. Ah it is so frustrating to see that people don't understand the importance of church. 

We also taught Thorn and Tha - They are twins. But it was a really funny lesson and while one ran away to his bedroom, and one sleeping under the stairs I took a little nap! lol. The lesson was interesting but we watched a bible video. 

Having a Nap
We taught Sierra about missionary work which she is already sharing! It is so true that when we have something good in our lives that we just want to share it with everyone! Sierra's friend Savanna is also learning about the Gospel, and she was going to come to church but then... her bathroom broke! We were going to take her around the Visitor Center after church, but since she wasn't able to come we took Thorn which was great. He said that the church is teaching him how to be a dad more than if he was just left alone. The church does teach us how to be good parents, and how to be good people. 

Mission Goals
Scripture References
We went on exchanges and I went to the Spanish program for 24 hours. It was fun!  It felt like what I imagined a mission to be - that I don't know anything that is being said when the members speak their native language. I really enjoyed it though. In order to overcome the language barrier in the lessons we taught that day, Elder Dishman would ask me a question and then he would translate. I enjoyed it as I felt very dependable upon the spirit how I should answer the questions he asked me - which went in perfectly with what was needed to be said, even though I couldn't understand the conversation what was going on. 

My companion is the designated driver but I drove as he said he would fall asleep. I drove over 100 miles that day and Elder Yu had done 37 miles already. We drove to Antioch, Pittsburgh, and Berkeley!  It is nice to be able to cover the whole mission and see what other areas are like since the Bay area is so Diverse!  We also got a ton of free donuts when we traveled around as a lot of Cambodians own doughnut shops! This next week we plan of traveling the mission to visit more doughnut shops! I am getting fatter but still weigh 140 lbs lol. 

I hope that you will all have a great week and Happy Easter! The Church has this amazing message for Easter! It is a video that you will enjoy :-)
Love, Elder Kloosterboer