Thursday, 12 February 2015

Different Experiences

Furniture in the Old Apartment
Relaxing in the car after moving
Hello everyone :-)

New Apartment
Glasses in the New Apartment
This has been a different week than usual as we have been moved. We just have a few small things that we still need to take to the new apartment but apart from that, its ready for the mission office to take the rest. We put all the furniture in the middle of the living room and it looks like a lot! The new apartment is very nice with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and two parking spaces. 

We had wanted to pack on Monday, but instead got a little distracted when we started to talk to a group of people we had talked to a few weeks ago. It was cool though as Desiree who the Young Single Adult elders are trying to teach was on a roof near by and shouted "Elder!" haha. She was in a class taking pictures of downtown Hayward! We talked to her only for a few minutes but it was really neat to talk to her as the Lord put us in her path for a reason and she knows it. 
District Meeting - TP in the Church
Stuff in the car, moving
On Tuesday we had a pretty fun district meeting where we all stood on chairs around in a room. We had some toilet paper and we could throw it to someone when we said something we liked about them. 

Later that day is when we started to move. The problem was that we didn't have any boxes! LOL! So we got some drawers instead :-) It took a few days and we got some help from elder Gubler and Elder Eh  for a few hours to help us clean the old apartment. 

Moving and other Elders helping us clean
We went to a fireside called, "Why I Believe" last night near the Temple in Oakland which was fantastic! All of them had similar feelings that they felt more peace and joy in life as they joined the church. We invited a few people but most of them couldn't make it. One girl, Tammy, wanted to come but her two friends who normally go with her were sick so her room mate felt bad for her that she was going to go by herself and so her non-member room mate came with her! Which was perfect for us as the YSA elders were there and we were able to get them involved. Went to the Visitor center afterwards which was great. They watched a short movie about how families can be together forever which I know to be true. 

We have been struggling to meet with some of our investigators the last couple of weeks. On Sunday we got a text from a family who we had been teaching for a few months now telling us that they no longer could meet with missionaries. :-( That was a little hard as the investigator was doing so well. But even though in missionary work we face a lot of disappointments we keep on pressing forward. 

What I Normally Look Like - Angry - Lol
I have now been in this area for over 6 months. I was struggling a little bit with the idea that I couldn't do anything else here. The spirit brought into my mind that I should read D&C 110. I read it and I decided to continue reading through D&C 111. As I read this I saw how I could apply it to the situation. Even though that one of our families will stop having the missionaries come by, they are going to still read the scriptures because they believe. From the scriptures I now know that there are treasures in this area and people that we still need to find. I know that the Lord helps all the time. He is aware of what we feel and what we think. He knows the intentions of our hearts and this is part of how we will be judged in the judgment day. 

On Monday after emailing, with a laptop in my hand a man stopped us and asked if we were Mormons. We said we were - then he told us that he had been trying to join the church but then he moved! So we will be teaching him soon! 

I know that this is the only true church of God. 

I hope that you will have a great week!

Love, Elder Kloosterboer