Sunday, 1 February 2015

A New Transfer

After Exchanges - Exhausted - and with a sun tan in January!


Eating dinner and watching Bible videos
This week was great! We got transfer calls and we are both staying. This means that at the end of this transfer that I would have spent exactly half my mission time in San Ramon and the other half in Hayward! ​

We went on two exchanges this week! One of the days I noticed how big our area is and I am so glad that we have been in a car for this whole transfer! I am probably getting fatter though. Nearly every day we are blessed with members feeding us, but this week we had other plans and we ate at home - as you can see it was nice to watch a few bible videos from the church and to eat some delicious ice cream :-) 


On one of the exchanges Elder Gubler and I cycled SO much that my legs now feel nice and buff again! We did a lot of service that day where we helped clean up a yard with the people's children and then we helped someone move. It is so nice to help others :-) It is so nice being on a mission because you learn so many skills which can be used in later life. 

It was Elder Otuafis birthday this week, so I decided that the night before I would make a audio recording on the phone and set it as an alarm in the morning. I sang Happy Birthday super soft as it was super quiet in the apartment so I didn't want my companion to hear what I was doing! We started our exchanges and my Happy Birthday alarm was turned off by the elders haha. Anyway, When we ended the exchanges my companion was updating some records and then he realized for the first time that day that it was his Birthday! LOL

Zone Leaders - Elders Parker and Gillie
A funny story: I was in the bathroom, when I hear some loud knocks. Thought it was some strangers trying to rob us, so I called the cops! But it was just the Zone Leaders inspecting our apartment! (There is more to why I thought I should call the police). The police came and it was funny to see the Zone leaders' faces! 

District Meeting

Our investigators are doing great. We are teaching the Alvarado family and we just finished teaching all that 
we teach, so the husband said that he will pray about a baptismal date! :-) I am also super impressed with how much some recent converts are converted. One person who was just baptized went home from college for the Christmas break. Her friends tried to persuade her to drink and such, but she wouldn't. I think it is so cool that we humans can change and that our whole life can change! I know that is what the Gospel is intended for to help us have happier lives and so that we can become clean through the Atonement - so that we can live with our Father who is in heaven. 

This week we taught a lot about CPR - The medical name has a lot to do with the Spiritual meaning. Church, Pray, Read (The Scriptures). Just as CPR in the medical fields can help bring someone back, so does the spiritual. 

Elder Weaver

Small world! I was reading my emails today and I got an email from a sister who just went home about a month ago who served in this mission. While she was home she went to Hong Kong and she met a missionary there who was from San Ramon! And I know him as he was in the ward where I was serving in! What a small world!

I am so glad to be a missionary. I know what we share is true. I know it changes life's for the better. I have seen the light on peoples faces brighten because of the church. I have also seen when people stop learning, and stop going to church, praying or reading that the light diminishes from their face. It is sad to see. But I know that God loves us and that it is His work not mine. 

I know God lives! 
Love, Elder Kloosterboer.