Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hello everyone,

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope that you can feel the spirit as you read this. It has been a good week with a lot that has happened. 

Relief Society Christmas Dinner
On Tuesday we had a zone conference. It was pretty good! This time it was about the basics which is always good to review and to say, oh yea I know this. After that we had a dinner with the Relief Society where we showed the video, "He is the Gift"! 

A storm? One of these days (haha I can't even remember when) we got a text in the evening telling all the missionaries who were on bikes to stay inside no matter what. There was supposed to be some kind of storm and so we wanted to be safe. We were in the car this past week so we still got to go out and work. We met a few cool people and we even got to find a brand new investigator because Elder Nelson talked to a guy while he was backing me up in the car! 
What is something cool that happened this week? I wanted to send a letter to a friend, but I couldn't read the return address fully, we asked a few members but no response. Then we asked them again and they helped us figure out the address. This was perfect as it helped us find a new potential! Here is the story! We were dressed up for service on Wednesday, and I really wanted to send off this letter which was supposed to be sent off on Monday. For some reason I took a un-logical turn in the car to drop off the letter which made us to park. As we parked we saw a young woman and two guys trying to fix her tire. We asked if they needed help which they accepted. Their jack was not working so we got ours and helped. They brought up religion a lot since we arrived in our service clothes and the young woman said that she wanted to go back to church. We invited her to come and join us on Sunday. We also invited her to our ward Christmas party, but she didn't show :-( There are a few more details that I am missing here but it was a great miracle!

Eating at "VALS"
The girl that has been placed in our path for a few months now - who has a broken down car a week ago - came to the Christmas party! We were so glad to see that she came! It was super good, free food and just being able to relax and feel peace and comfort. We talked to a lot of people there which was great! While we were talking to the sisters they had an idea that this young woman should be given to the Young Single Adult missionaries. We thought about it, and after a little bit agreed, as we needed a good transition. 

Luckily though, Elder Nelson is being transferred to the Highland YSA ward! This will make it an easy transition to hand over some of the people we have been teaching or other potentials. This morning we made a list of people who could qualify for the YSA ward and we decided that about 8 people will be taught by the YSA. These people include potentials, former's and less actives! 

I am staying here. I am also now a district leader! This means that I will be making a training each week. But this is not the only change in our ward. For a long time two sets of missionaries (us and the sisters) have been here, but not anymore. It will just be me and my companion. This means that we have double work load! I asked president if we could have the car full time, as so far we are still switching every other week. On Sunday the sisters went over a lot of people with us so that we can make it an easier transition. It should be pretty fun though. Lots of stress and excitement! My new companion is from Tonga! The other Elders in the district are also leaving and new ones coming in so I will be the only one here who knows the district.
Eating a pig!

 I do know this church us true, I also know that the work I am part of is a privilege. I love sharing this gospel and I love seeing the workings of God in peoples lives. I hope that you will all have a great week!

I love you all! 

- Elder Kloosterboer