Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Post New Year Celebration

Stuff on the street
Peng, Donovan (son) and Poamrong


with Sally and Sean
Good things are happening here. Last week Tuesday we started exchanges and we found all this stuff outside! We taught Torn that night and his girlfriend joined us after a while. At first she didn't want to join as she thought she would talk too much - but it ended up really good. We shared a scripture in Mosiah 27 about how Alma repented of his sins and how he felt such great joy! 

Torn and Thong
This week we pretty much tried to invite as many people as we could to a post Cambodian new year celebration. It was a lot of fun,  Thorn, and Pream and Peng came! On our journey while tracking down a lot of people we met this 70 year old non white guy who was super kind. He went on to tell us how he had stayed up all night as his neighbors were stealing gas out of his cars. 

Pream, his mother, Peng's daughter

Food line
He invited us in to his house and he talked to us more about his wife who drinks everything in their indoor bar and so forth. As we were leaving, his neighbor's friend parked in-front of his house to which he told them to not do that. haha. 


Lots of Rice
Post New Year Celebration

With Sally

Bag of Food
The world is a crazy place to live in. We were on our way to visit Max, and as we were driving there we drove past a banana tree. This sometimes suggest that Cambodians live near. 

District Missionaries at Temple
With Sierra
So we parked and started walking toward that house. As we were walking a black guy stopped us and got into my face telling me never to come on his street again. Well he was a little drunk, but then he continued to threaten me and tell me welcome to the real world. Basically all this happened because I am white and how I was dressed. So we left. This was good though as it helped me be more bold in our next visit. That same day someone bumped into our car and ran away. And something else happened that I can't remember. But I know as a missionary that we are protected and that we have a mission to do. 

With Sierra and Lyana
On Sunday we had a topic in mind that we had wanted to talk about with Sierra (recent convert). It took us over 50 minutes to find a talk from General Conference that suited our search. It ended up being a really good lesson. 

With Sierra and Lyana
We also watched a movie about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the church. As I was watching it I could feel the Spirit bear witness to me the whole time that yes, this is true. Even when  we already have a testimony of something, the Spirit can always add more strength to it. I know that Joseph Smith did restore His church and that it does have the power of God. 

So on Saturday, we completely forgot about transfer calls. I wouldn't believe that we forgot about it! But here is the news: I am staying. Elder Caleja is going to  Oakley 1st. Elder Eh is going to be my new companion. I've been on exchanges with him a couple of times before so I already know him. 

Well I only have 6.9 months left so I am getting ready to sprint. That's my plan. 

Oakland Temple by Night
Well even though we go through opposition in life, it makes us stronger. Just like the black guy who was threatening to "slap me and never wake up again" it helped me be more bold in the next visit and helped me see who I was representing. I know the Church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you all!
Have a great week!

- love, Elder Kloosterboer