Saturday, 22 March 2014

Zone Conference

Good morning everyone!
Last Monday we played Ultimate frisbee with the zone and it was a lot of fun! It was nice because I was able to get into some normal clothes! After the activity I took a picture in the car since everyone already left. It is getting hotter here and feels like summer but I really hope to go to San Francisco in the summer as it is nice and cool there.
We had a zone conference on Wednesday. It started at 9:00 and went all the way to about 4:00. We had a lot of training about how to use the Area book better and how to work with members better. You can see me carrying the Area book in my hands in one of the pictures. This book contains most the records of the people whom we have taught and so forth. It was a long day with a lot of information to take in. We have been able to use this training and have found it very useful. Elder Brown says that he likes this way a lot better. (We were basically told to follow Preach My Gospel, and not to use our own systems) So I am looking forward to this week because we have planned to visit a lot of people.
After the zone conference we started exchanges at about 8:30. I stayed in our area and elder Fonua came. An exchange lasts 24 hours so that we can learn as much as possible from each other. In the morning we went to a private gym, Elder Fonua is pretty strong and so it motivated me to do even more... I felt sore the whole day! We went tracting for a bit and we were able to find some people who we plan to teach soon. We had a good day together and I found it a lot of fun! We were going to teach some members a lesson but because of time we decided to share a spiritual thought and it went really good.
On Friday we taught a lesson to a young man called Holland. We met him on the Iron Horse Trail. He was walking with his girlfriend and they had music playing. At first I didn't think either of us were going to talk to them, but we decided to talk to them anyway. We talked for 15 minutes and finally we taught him the first lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel. He even brought a friend! It was a good lesson and they both asked super good questions. On Sunday we were able to find out if any of the young men knew him and they do! Super exciting!
We also gave out some water on Saturday and we over achieved our daily goal to talk to 20 people! We ran out of water and had a few good conversations. It is good to be able to do some service. We plan on doing it more often.

We have a FHE tonight (Monday) and we are teaching another lesson too. So 2 lessons to members tonight, It should be fun because we also started making a skeleton lesson plan.
Well that is this week in a blog. Taking pictures is difficult since I am only supposed to take them at certain times.
It is super great to be a missionary! Though it is tough at times! I am glad that I have had the experiences in life that i have had as it really helps me teach in lessons to be able to bear testimony of the truths that we teach.

Here is also a photo of me at zone conference with Elder Fa'alavelave who was in the MTC with me too :)

I love you all!