Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Mission Training Follow-up

This week has been busy kinda. 

On Tuesday we had a zone conference where we were talked about questions of the soul and how to use the Book of Mormon to answer those questions. That took a few hours but the spirit was strong in the room the whole time. I plan on keeping a small book with these questions on them with references to the Scriptures since I don't memorize Scriptures well. Afterward, since my companion is a district leader, we had another meeting that lasted only an hour. We talked a lot about rules and how we could better talk to people that we see. 

Going through a tunnel!
On Wednesday I got to drive! We went to Oakland near the mission home because we had to attend a new mission training follow up. It was a lot of fun, because I was able to see all the elders from my MTC district. After about 4 hours of meetings I got to drive us home! The sisters let us use their car while they car pooled with some other sisters. Since the other sisters' car did not have a TIWI, which keeps track of everything you do including the revs, they were speeding all the way back! I was driving and it kept telling me to slow down! When we got in a tunnel we were able to speed because the GPS signal was lost! (Not really, it was rush hour!)

On Thursday
 we had a baptism where we helped set up. We taught the first lesson, the Restoration of the Church, in front of everyone who was there and it was my first time going through the whole lesson! Somehow we both did really well and had people thanking us at the end. (I was super worried because in the practices I kept on messing up-and so I practiced a ton while we were setting up!) We also helped confirm after the baptism.
Near the Iron Horse Trail

On Friday we had our first set appointment with the mission president!  It was good and I was complimented on me wanting to learn more. President Meredeth said that I just had that face, to learn more. And it is true, I don't know why, but I just want to learn and learn! 

On Sat, we decided that we would talk to people. Since most people don't work on Saturdays, we were able to have a few good long conversations with people on the Iron Horse Trail! We did that for a few hours and I felt super tired when we took a dinner break. After dinner Elder Brown felt sick and so we stayed in for a bit longer but then went back out to talk to even more people and exceeded our goal to talk to 20 people. (Super cool!)
View out of my apartment

This week, we have a few appointments set up which we are super excited for! One of which is Anthon. We met him on the Iron Horse Trail right after a long day. I might have mentioned him last week, but he has been praying for a sign and we showed up. We were not going to talk to him but I felt that we should, and we turned back and talked.  He went to a Christian missionary church in the Philippines for 2 years, so he knows a bit already.
We also got 4 investigators to come to church this week which was super cool! 

I always feel like I leave something out! So much happens in a week! But that is it for now. 

My bishop knows the Boom family from Holland!  His name is bishop Herring.  Small world.

We have a Costco and a Target within our district but no Walmart which is a shame as I like to buy things from there.

Just a few sentences on my companion. His name is Elder Brown and he is a district leader.  He is a super nerd and is introverted. He was home schooled and wants to be a computer game designer. We are both learning from each other and we both like HTML! 

We taught a lesson in church to the Little Family (Investigating the church for a year now) and we talked about how the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and how it has a history in it. But it is so true that when you know that the Book is true, that you know the church is true too. And I know that this is the restored church on earth and that everyone is welcome to find out for themselves.

We have transfers on Tuesdays and the next one will be Tuesday 25th. I think I'll probably be staying here though as I'm on a 12 week training programme, but we'll see. You hear the Saturday beforehand if you will be transferred.

See you next week!