Monday, 16 February 2015


Exchanges with Elder Clarin
Hello everyone :-)

Today is not our preparation day because we are going to the best place on earth - the Temple! We have been allowed one hour to email today though but for some reason I only have 27 minutes left! 

Me Updating Directory
I would like to share one day specifically - Friday. We started our day with about 3 or 4 set plans. As we contacted these individuals they all canceled or re-scheduled. This was great as we wanted to plan for the next week which takes some time. So we started our planning and then we remembered that we needed to pick up Elder Gubler and Elder Eh as one of their bike's inner tubes broke the day before and they needed the car. We gave them the car and then we were stranded at their apartment. Luckily for us the church is right on the other side of the road so we left to go there. 

Inside we saw Elder Han and Elder Clarin - they were setting up for a dinner later that day. Out of the blue two women just walk in and I knew them! Elder Nelson, my last companion, and I had talked to them a few months earlier and had gone to their pot luck dinner with their faith group. 
Crock Pot Dinner

Standing on Wood at Old Apartment
We showed them around the church building and hopefully they were able to feel the warmth from the chapel. (Not heat) Due to this we were about 35 minutes late to our service at a health care center where we help play Bingo at. When we walked in they were just finishing up a meeting and we were perfectly on time! What a cool blessing! Also some old woman asked if we were Mormon - yep - and she said she knew because of how our appearance looked! 

Today we have been busy! We moved everything out of our old apartment into this trailer! It was fun and the 4 older missionaries who came said that it was the fastest shutdown of an apartment they have ever done because we already cleaned it up and put everything ready to move it :-) 

All the Furniture in Here
On Thursday, we were very busy! We went to a Leadership meeting and then we did some service for a member's neighbor - she made us a ton of cookies and brownies :-) Then we taught Cyrena who was just baptized a few months ago. But both these people were females and so male missionaries need another male present there with us. We were finally able to find a male and we called him just as he was leaving his work and it was perfect timing! Then as we were going to El Pollo Loco some members called us and asked us if we wanted to come with them to El Pollo Loco! So we got some dinner! 

Exchanges with Elder Parker, Zone Leader
Some other missionaries asked us to give a woman a blessing. The address they gave us was in our area and we had a member ready to come with us, but then we saw that it was a wrong address and found out that the address was in another area. We picked up the elders over that area and were then able to give a blessing to this woman who is an Indian. Her leg has had problems for 15 years ever since she gave birth to one of her daughters. Doctors could not find anything wrong but it limits her in walking and getting up. We told her about the power of the Priesthood, that she could be healed if she had faith. We were able to give her the blessing and as soon as we finished she could feel whatever it was leaving her! The priesthood is real! 

Well my time is about up! Thank you all for your prayers - you know - they make a really big difference. :-)

I know that this is the true Church of God. I know that the power of the Priesthood is real and that through it we can be healed. I know that Jesus Christ suffered so that he can succor us. 

I love you all! Hope you will all have a great week! 

Elder Kloosterbeor